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What colour curtains look great?

Asked by Moxy (182points) July 13th, 2010

I am getting a white and pink quilt with dark pink roses on it. I want to get some curtains to match it what colour would look great?

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What color will your walls be?

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ivory or lavender would be a good choice I guess

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Pick up the pink from the quilt, or go with white.

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Transparent will look great to the passers by.

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I’d go with white.

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I would match the dark pink in sheers with white shades underneath.

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i would go for transparent sheet with some beautiful designs on them

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It doesn’t take much pink to be enough (in my opinion). I would coordinate the curtains with the wall color (which I’m assuming is not pink)..

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I love see through crinkled sheers. Have them in most rooms of my house, of course I have no neighbors or anyone looking in. lol

Transparent white or sheer pink would look really nice IMO, maybe a sheer green to match the roseprint leaves too.

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Since you told me you have light blue walls, I’d probably go with white curtains with pink and blue accents.

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