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Who would win in a fight: Billy Peltzer (Gremlins) or Alex Rogan (The Last Starfighter)?

Asked by zephyrstarfields (110points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone

Alex obviously can’t use his ship. And Billy can’t get help from Gizmo.

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Awesome question, but would this fight take place before or after their experiences in the movies?

If before: Alex – Dude comes from a trailer park; he can fight dirty and is possibly half-cut at any time of the day.

If after: Billy – The stark fist of reality shows him that all that is cute and lovely actually contains something dark and evil. Taking on an army of gremlins toughened the crap out of that kid. Put it all together, its a win. To top it all off, Phoebe Cates is “more than just a friend” and that’s worth fighting for.

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my hubby says billy. I have no idea who they are. :)

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@paulc: Yeah, before and after does make a pretty big difference. I was thinking about after when I posed the question (approximately 45 minutes into Gremlins). I still think the fight could go either way after both movies. However, after Gremlins 2, there’s no way Billy’s not coming out on top. By then he’s proven that he can take out an entire army of Gremlins in more than one way, and that he doesn’t have to depend on Gizmo to deliver the final blow.

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But Alex Rogan saved the galaxy man! Do you think that was easy!?

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My money’s on Billy.

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@Stormcrow To be fair, Alex had the help of a rather sophisticated piece of alien technology to save the galaxy. Billy turned the powers of the Gremlins, combined with their desire to multiply above all else to wipe them out.

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The real question is whether Billy’s mom gets involved in this. She had microwaves and blenders and the ovaries to use them. All Alex really did was press a button and manage not to vomit during the super secret carnival ride that was the “Death Blossom”.

But if they were just playing Mortal Kombat or something Alex would totally kick ass.

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