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Who on earth is that gorgeous woman in this video @0:08, 1:02, 2:13, 2:21, 3:22 and 3:24 ?

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I have no idea, but I LOVE her hair!

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Ok admittedly I didn’t watch the whole video to see her every time, but she is pretty. I am sure you already tried to google with no luck.

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It was me. But ~25 years have gone by since the video was made. The view isn’t so gorgeous anymore.

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Heck with the girl – I’ll take Stevie Winwood!

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Is it Chaka Khan?

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Chaka Khan is the one singing, but I have a feeling it’s just a random girl that you’re asking about.

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Nice mullet Steve.

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At first I thought Sean Young (from the movie Blade Runner), but.. different eyes.

FYI – your “Mariska Hargitay” link on your Fluther user page is a hacked/virus infected site (per Kaspersky 2010 with today’s virus updates).

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@rangerr She may be a talented dancer or a background singer or maybe a pretty girlfriend of someone in the band but I’m sure she’d be offended to be labelled “just some random girl.”

Would you feel good being considered “just some random girl?”

I know you meant no insult and this is not a personal attack.

I may too much attention to the wording people use but language affects our attitudes towards the subjects of which we speak.

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@rangerr I am just some random girl.

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@rangerr I’m sure you are special to more than one person who thinks more highly of you than that.

Anyone agree?

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i’m highly random as well.

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I don’t talk to random girls. Bye @rangerr!

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It’s not Chaka Kahn. Looks a lot like Sean Young.

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@filmfann That’s what @ipso said!

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Maybe it was. Anyone got her number?

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I’m not sure,but I love this song! ;)

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Which woman? There are four in the video.

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