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No longer receiving awards?

Asked by Seek (34769points) July 13th, 2010

Ever since I hit 10K, I haven’t gotten the nifty little award notices.

I don’t particularly care too much, but it was nice to see the thing pop up and say “Yes, we do love you!”

Is it something that’s gone for good from everyone, or did I hit a button somewhere?

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Maybe you don’t look smashing today, as I seem to. It is odd, however. I would have thought that they were here in indelible ink.

(And I am wearing my fluther t.)

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Oh, Fluther still wants to be like me when it grows up, I’m just not getting the “You just got the Herman Melville award!” notice on the main page.

I can see on the Community feed that I got a Starfish 8 minutes ago, but no notice on the front page.

Again, it’s not a big deal, but I do kind of miss it.

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Will the “Catch of the Day” award from me personally help? (It’s lobster.)

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Mmm… I love lobster!

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OK. He’s packed his little suitcase and is standing on the NYS thruway, with his claw out.

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Sounds like a bug. I’ll look into it.

Everyone give me Great Answers so I can debug it…just kidding!

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I was wondering the same thing and thought of asking. I’m still seeing them for me in the Community Feed but not getting the banners. Since I used to rail against them, it seemed disingenuous to complain about their absence “but don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone….”

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I don’t see mine. either. I thought ya’ll did away with it.

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That’s what I figured too.

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I thought they were just quietly dropped, because they don’t meet Fluther quality standards.

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I do miss them,. Not that they were important, but they were fun.

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I hadn’t noticed until I saw this question, but it has been a long time since I got an award notification. Huh.

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This makes sense. I haven’t seen one in a long time. Thank god for that. I hated them. Please do not fix this, sometimes bugs are good.

This shit was ridiculous.

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Don’t worry. You are all still going to Valhalla.

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I kinda liked the banners. :-(

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It was a bug and it’s now fixed. We also changed the behavior so that you only receive a notification the first time you get an award (not the second or third or … time).

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@timtrueman You mean the first time you ever receive an award, or the first time that particular day?

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@Dr_Dredd ever—would you prefer a different behavior?

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Personally, I liked getting notified each time I got one. Otherwise I never know which of my questions/answers are resonating with people.

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^^ This. Also, it’d be really nifty if the award notification could be linked to the answer that prompted it.

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@Dr_Dredd @Seek_Kolinahr Yeah that’s a technical limitation right now. We could fix it but it would be a bit of work. That’s why fixing that is low on the priority list.

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I’m missing 3 now that are kind of special, and I’m bummed.

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So are awards ever going to be fixed? What is the issue with them being awarded to some and not others. It is not a big deal, but it really is something that should be looked at.
It kind of minimizes the credibility of them.
How are they granted? Is it a special password we need to the club? :D
Maybe for sanity sake you should turn them off for everyone if they dont work.

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I read on another question that they are being fixed as we speak, weekend March 19–20

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@YARNLADY care to post the reference of the “other” question.
I am missing a plethora of them

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@blueiiznh Sorry, I went offline just after I posted this answer. I don’t remember which one.

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They seem to be back – at least mine are.

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