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Is there a special "kiddie pool" for newbies on this site?

Asked by curlyz (1194points) July 13th, 2010

Hi, everyone! I’m new here, and trying to learn how to use this site. If somebody willing to be my mentor, I would really appreciated it.

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Hey, and welcome to Fluther!

If you click the “help” button at the top of the page, Dr. J would be more than happy to give you the nickel tour! Don’t forget to read the Guidelines.


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No “kiddies pool” but don’t worry we play nice.

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Hi Stasi! Nice to meet you. While there is no actual kiddie pool, the guidelines are a bit more loose in the Social section of the site (the one with the party hat icon), so that’s a good place to hang out and learn the flow of things. By spelling correctly and being as pleasant as you already are, you are already three-quarters towards fitting in :)

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I think you should just jump right in! :)) Have fun!

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Kiddie pool and water wings, I could use them sometimes!
Welcome @Stasi !

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PM me with any questions you might have.

Welcome to fluther.

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Welcome to Fluther, @Stasi ! I love the way you worded your question. As @Seek_Kolinahr said, read the guidelines and look at the “Help.” You can also ask questions about Fluther in the Meta section and PM @zenele, me or any of us with other questions. We’ll loan you our swimmies.

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Welcome, @Stasi. You’re pretty smart to ask this question, and the light touch you gave it is just the right tone for this place. You’ll find many ready helpers among the veterans here. Feel free to call on me if you have a mind to.

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Wow… thank you, guys! You rock!
I feel like I’m at home already. ;)

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@Stasi I think you’re going to fit right in. We like friendly people with playful senses of humor.

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You’re gonna Lurve it here. ^_^

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Oh, and we do like to see some kind of information in the profile section. So please fill in a few particulars to give us a sense of who you are.

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Yup, yup – we’re nosy buggers.

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Welcome. We will all hold your hand to wade with you from the shallow end, no fear!

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You’ve already been given some good advice, so I’ll just chime in to say, “Welcome to the lagoon!”

I also agree with @Jeruba, we’d love to know a little bit about you (besides the fact that you clearly like cherubs).

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I will certainly post a little bit about me, and I will add more as time goes. ;)

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Welcome to Fluther!

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@Stasi Beware of sharks. I really don’t bite that hard. Just a little joke to welcome you. Or is it. ;)

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@tinyfaery I’m terrified of sharks. Please, don’t bite me. :)

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We do also keep some pet sharks. Their scowl is usually worse than their bite, though.

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If you need any advice in taming the grumpier ones, PM me.

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@Jeruba and @janbb – :) thank you, you making me smile.;)

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As if I could be tamed.

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@tinyfaery I would never try to tame you.

@Stasi I think you are already learning more about Fluther than you ever wanted to know!

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In my opinion the [General] section is the kiddie pool, if there is one: fact based, more protected by the moderators, straight arrow. It’s more about giving answers. I always assume the questions are real and innocent, and it’s appropriate there to have your best etiquette.

I find [Social] to be more rough and tumble; more variation of answers, and thus more conflict in opinion, and some sharp challenges (perhaps holding you accountable to your every word), but that is part of the fun. You should be thicker skinned to wade there, but it feels good to let your hair down and expand what you really feel. More playground politics though, and scoundrels.

I find [Meta] can be brutal. Although seemingly the most playful and innocent area, don’t be fooled – the old school clique are most exacting and tricky there, and can be very protective that more proper information flow in that area. (As it should be.)

That is generalizing, and personal opinion. You will find umpteen examples of opposites.

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Oh, and don’t try to tame @tinyfaery. Even if she isn’t a shark.

Actually it’s the crabs that you have to watch out for.

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Newbies must first make bob a sandwich and give me a massage.

When you know what * sigh * means – you can then haze the next newb. ~

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Hi there, @Stasi and welcome to Fluther! I’m the Community Manager here, and I’ll be happy to help you out. If you need anything, just send me a message. Enjoy!

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Or, just massage @zenele s sandwich.

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Hi there @Stasi and welcome to Fluther. I think you will fit in just fine :)

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Starting to think @Stasi might have been here before?

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@zenele: Why do you say that?

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Half joking – conspiracy thoughts – but the newb’s first question was so flutherful.

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Be forewarned..this place is highly’s like a time warp, once you start you lose all track of time and your previous life seems like a distant dream. lol

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And, dogs start sleeping with cats.

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What’s wrong with penguins?

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@zenele – i never been to this site before, ever. I’ve been to similar sites, but not this one.:)
You’re funny. My first question was “flutherful” ....haha…:)

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^ Aha. That’s my point. I don’t know whether to kiss the kid – or to kill him/her. And is it a guy or a girl, anyway @Stasi – and how’d you pick your nickname?

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@zenele, check her profile.

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^ She so smart.

* sigh *

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@zenele – am I reminding you someone? :)

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@Stasi Initially your profile had nothing – I didn’t think to look again – a lot of people, especially tadpoles like yourself, prefer anonimity.

I still haven’t checked the profile so I won’t answer your question. However, the “she so smart” remark was for @Jeruba – thus the ”^” sign to the poster above me. Another free fluther tip from your friendly neighbourhood spiderman zen.

Now I’m afraid to look and find out you’re like 12 a mom and have two kids.

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@zenele no, i’m not 12, for sure
Thanks for free tips :)

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@zenele yeap, you got it..

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@Stasi Where in the world are you?

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Welcome to Fluther, and congrats on breaking 100. Once you break 1000 it’s too late to leave.

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