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What is this little man doing in the corner of my computer screen?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11250points) July 13th, 2010

Lately, I have been seeing a little yellow colored icon of a man in the bottom left hand corner of my computer screen. He is yellow (as I said) and has a red circle with an exclamation mark on him. He appears frequently and then disappears.

Anyone know what he is trying to tell me?

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That would most likely be something related to AOL Instant Messenger. Does he look like this?

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If you could get us a screenshot, that would help a lot with figuring out what exactly it is.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to do that, press the print screen key on your keyboard (may be abbreviated like prt scr). Then open up an image editing program like paint and paste it in there. Save that file and then upload it to a website like or

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I’m pretty sure it’s something relating to AIM/AOL? Maybe you have a new message or something like that?

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Hi everyone…..

No, I don’t have AOL or AIM at all…and have never had it. I know the AOL running guy…and it’s not him. This one stands straight head-on. With an exclamation point similar to the one that is in Fluther on the bottom when you are writing and it says “Check your work”. He has this on his chest. It’s a full-bodied little yellow man.

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Can anyone else there see him?

More seriously, when you put your mouse over this icon, do any words appear?

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Could it be from Microsoft telling me I need some sort of update??

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post screenshot—use [alt][prntscrn (after the f keys}] and [control][v] in word or something.if you have nothing better.

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Right-click on the little man and see what the title of him says

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First of all….thank you so very much for your responses….I had not been able to find the little man to click on him till a few minutes ago…he popped in to say hello.

This is what it read when I put my arrow over him:

“Contains unauthenticated content.” or may have been “inauthenticated” content.

Not sure…what that means…anyone?

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1) Does he appear only when you are browsing the web?
2) What browser do you use? Internet explorer, mozilla firefox, google chrome…

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“Contains unauthenticated content.”
^ Might be a virus? Eek, I’m not sure.

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There’s plenty of viruseses that pretend to be spyware removers, beware.

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