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My dog is making a weird noise...

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) July 13th, 2010

I gave my dog a piece of bread and she must’ve swallowed it wrong. She’s making a sound like a duck, sort of like sniffling. What can I do to make her either cough up the bread or swallow it down all the way?

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It’s called a reverse sneeze, and it’s probably not related to the piece of bread. While it sounds dramatic and scary, it’ll pass in a moment and she’ll be fine.

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@syz I just looked that up on wikipedia. It says it’s not harmless like you said. It sounds really scary though.

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If it persists, call the vet for advice.

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Yes, they are frightening if you don’t know what they are. Only in extreme cases (multiple events daily) does it require treatment. And the treatment (antihistamines) usually doesn’t do much.

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When my dog has done that then we try to distract him and get him in motion so his muscles relax. We liken it to a nervous asthma attack but he recovers pretty quick.

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My dog does that occasionally – it is a horrible sound. I took him to the vet, thinking it might be esophageal collapse, which small dogs can be prone to. He said it was reverse sneezing, and as long as it passed within a minute or two (and it was obvious the dog was breathing) it was ok.

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Rub his/her throat

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Incline the dog’s head nose upward and use long easy slow strokes down the underside of her neck chin to chest. Do not panic, talk soothing to her. If that does not work take her to a vet.

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