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What does Mr. Mackey say in his "Drugs are Bad Mm'kay" speech?

Asked by JellyRider (64points) July 13th, 2010

What does Mr Mackey say about alcohol in in drugs are bad speech. Once it gets to the alcohol part the children start talking over him. You can still hear him in the background and I’m sure someone with sound editing software can extract the speech. Does anyone have an excerpt of this?

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Counselor=Mr. Mackey
This is the script.

Okay. Now, uh, as your counselor,
I’m here to tell you about drugs and
alcohol and why they are bad, okay?

The kids just sit there and blink.

So, first of all… Smokin’s bad…
You shouldn’t smoke. And uh, alcohol
is bad, you shouldn’t drink alcohol.
And as for drugs, well, drugs are
bad you shouldn’t do drugs. Okay,
that about wraps up my introduction,
now are there any questions? Yes,

Why do dogs have cold noses?

Uh… I’m not sure.


Now, uh, let’s focus our discussion
first on Marijuana. Marijuana is
bad. And it also has a very distinct
smell, Okay? I’m going to pass around
just a little tiny bit, and I want
you all to take a smell, so you know
when someone is smokin’ Marijuana
near you.

He hands a small tray with a bud of pot on it to the first
kid on the end. (Pip). Pip smells it, grimaces, then passes
it on.

Okay, Just take a smell, pass it on,
and when it gets back up to me, we’ll
finish talking about it. In the
meantime, I want to get into alcohol
a little… Okay, Uh, alcohol is
bad… If you drink alcohol…

As the counselor AD LIBs the rest of his speech, the boys
whisper to each other.

Hey, are you guys gonna come to Ike’s
party this weekend?

Your little brother is having a party?
Why, is it his birthday?

No, It’s his Bris.

What the hell is a Bris?

I dunno. But there’s gonna be lots
of food and a band!

Oh, kick ass. I wanna have a Bris!

...and so that’s why alcohol is bad.
Has that marijuana made it back up
here yet?
(no response)
No? Okay, let’s talk about LSD… uh
children, LSD is bad. it’s a drug
made famous by John Lennon and Paul

Hey, are we supposed to get your
little brother presents for a Bris?

Uh… I’m not sure.

Well, dude, you better find out.

Boys are you paying attention?

(Mr. Mackey’s voice)
Sorry, Mr. Mackey, okay?

Okay. Now children, has that marijuana
made it around yet?

No response.

Uh, who has the marijuana now?
Okay, whoever has the marijuana just
pass it up to the front row.

No response.

Oh oh.

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“As the counselor AD LIBs the rest of his speech, the boys
whisper to each other.”

Ya that’s the part. I want to know what he’s AD Libbing. You can almost make it out if you isolated the sound over the talking.

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Anyone. This is very important

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I’ve looked and looked, but I’m not coming up with anything else. Sorry.

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