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Do those annoyingly loud commercials make you jump right out of your skin or am I hypersensitive?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21514points) July 13th, 2010

Do you consider them to be far too loud, do you instantly hit the mute button, does your dog flee at the sound of them? What is your reaction to them?

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Their mix is too loud. and I hate them…..watching a slow quiet show and then BAM

I have a friend that mutes…...I usually clean during commercials.

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I really HATE them and yes I jump. And mute them.

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I keep my finger on the mute button. I hate them. And it is not your imagination. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago (sorry, cannot reference it) that described this as an intentional practice of advertisers….to blast their ads much louder than the programming.

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And Yes the dog goes nuts from my reaction and hides.

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They just piss me off, mostly. I have to keep fighting with the remote to turn the sound back up and down, like as if my remote was trying to fuck itself.
I never watch cable television though, barely ever at least, but what you speak of is traumatizing enough indeed.
Still, @Judochop told me how that works out, late night loud commercials that is. Low budget.

It may not be a government conspiracy to impregnate my brain with the idea that I absolutely need to love Vince’s nuts, but it’s still too loud. It’s like, no matter how loud it is I’m not gonna buy your used cars

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Here is an interesting article on the topic.


Someone needs to invent something that will mute the TV the minute it goes over a certain decibel. I make a note of the really irritating ones and will not purchase them for any reason.

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I gave up TV because of commercials. And when I’m at a store or a person’s house, and the commercials are on, the sound of them (especially car commercials and childrens commercials) make me want to punch a wall

It makes me suspicious of people who are so desensitized to it, that they don’t notice. It makes me wonder what else in life do they not notice. And how perhaps stupid laws, wars, and wasteful traditions, are all because of these very people, and their zombiefied desensitized selves. Not that they promote stupidity… but that they passively let it happen, and they don’t even know.

See how insane i can get. I don’t get this way in nature

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@ucme Well you don’t have to shout about it. :):)

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DAMN CAPS LOck…ahh, seems to have fixed itself now.

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They just annoy the crap out of me and i get angry when they do that. I lower the sound immediately and i don’t even watch the stupid ad.

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Oh I really hate commercials,especially the loud one. I have hypersensitive ears and people around me who watch TV with high volume are deaf,and very disturbing.

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@Doctor_D – yep, really loud TV’s disturb my psyche too, i feel like leaving the room. When they leave the room i turn down the volume and hope they don’t turn it back up when they come back, hehe.

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I hate those damned things. I jump, then get pissed that I jumped at a stupid commercial for the AARP/Proactiv/Mobility scooters/life insurance and I slam on the mute button.

Isn’t the point of commercials to get people to hear your pitch? If a large segment of the population mutes your commercial, and has a negative feeling toward it, then doesn’t that negate your entire freaking purpose?

the tv is on mute right now for this very reason- I’m looking at you AARP Part D that I don’t need bullshit


@Doctor_D I also have or had very sensitive hearing. My husband is mostly deaf and trust me it is one of my biggest daily annoyance. My neighbor across the street told me she could hear our TV at night and we have a rather wide street. I bought a wireless hearing device and he doesn’t use it. Just like he doesn’t use his hearing aids. Just like he doesn’t use his glasses and gets upset when he can’t find something. Whew! now I feel better. Thanks.:)

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All these loud local car dealer commercials. Makes me want to stick to my bicycle.

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Check out the TV Muffler on Amazon.

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