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Do you ever get a weird, bad or scary "vibe" in any part of you house?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) July 14th, 2010

When i used to live with my parents still, it was scary to walk past some rooms in the dark, i had to run past them. :D

Do you know what’s the reason for your weird vibe? Mine is most likely an overactive imagination, seeing as though i love scary movies and only read horror fiction novels. And i’m afraid of the dark. :0

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Not really in this house, but one of my old apartments was terrifying by the stairs. The stairs just receded into darkness at the bottom. There was a light, but it constantly burned out about five minutes after changing the bulb.

Perhaps it’s ghosts/spirits/energy, perhaps bad energy movement; or it could just be natural human instinct to avoid places we can’t see well (being sight-bound creatures).

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@gemiwing – oh, that’s nasty. If i had to walk down those stairs with no light, my heart would be racing, kind of, and i’d be imagining icky sounds coming from there, kind of like hissing sounds, or that yuck sound that thing from the movie The Grudge makes, and i’d imagine some kind of demony snake type thing crossed with something from The Rign crawling around down there ready to pounce on me when i get there. :0 I get the heeby jeebies just thinking about it.

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Not the house but my shed/studio has a real creeped vibe late at night. When I lock it up, it is as if I feel someone/something can’t wait for me to leave.

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When we moved into our present home, I just couldn’t sit in one of the bedrooms. There was a horrible, heavy, very oppressive feeling in there, and it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. It always felt cold in there too, in spite of the fact that we have central heating and if you put your hand on the radiator you could feel the heat from it. I was speaking to a friend about it, telling her that, although I love our home I really did find this one room un-nerving. She suggested that I should “try talking to the room”. I thought she was nuts and told her so lol but she said it was worth a try, and might make me feel better.

So, feeling very silly indeed. I went into the bedroom one afternoon, sat down and stayed quiet for a while. Then I said how much I loved the house, how I was feeling scared in there, how this was a new start for us, that I was a nice person and if I was to have any chance of getting better, of coping, I needed to have a home where I could feel safe. I said that if there was anyone there, if anyone was listening, that I so needed to not feel scared, then I said thank you, got up and left. I swear (and feel free to have a laugh at me but it’s true). The atmosphere in that room completely changed. It’s not cold in there anymore, I can sit in there and sew, read and my BIL sleeps in there when he visits :-) A part of me says it was all in my head, but what if it wasn’t?
hugs honeys xx

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@bunnygrl – that’s so cool! :) Good for you that it was as easy as that to fix it right up, hehe.

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Not in my house,but I have been places where that has happened to me.

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Only in the kitchen. I’m scared of the damage I could do to myself, others and the entire house if I were to use anything more advanced than the sink and the fridge.

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My husband and I lived in a house that we both realized we were uncomfortable in as we were moving out of it.

Also, once we looked for a house, and this one neighborhood felt very uncomfortable to us. We later learned that it had been built on top of a Native American graveyard.

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Not in this house but yes in an older house our family lived in for 2 years. One corner of the house… the front room south west corner was terrifying. This house has an extremely stuffy room with uncomfortable vibes and a place outside near where I ride that has sudden suprising vibes that even the animals react to. There is underground water flow at the outside one. But there is underground water flow alot of places on our farm so I am not sure why this place is different.
I do not think anything bad can “hurt” you unless you invite it in. But even so I have a great guardian angel at the ready. My faith in a powerful thoughtful god who gave us free will also lets me feel comfortable with voicing my own prayer blanket around myself or others against threat. I happen to really love the dark. It is beautiful. I think the seeming lack of activity and noise in the dark can make vibes more noticable at that time to humans.
I adore scarry movies but they really must have a plot. The Incredible Shrinking Man and Them about huge ants, both in black and white, were my first movies when I was very small.

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The only time I feel werid in my house is when my husband is away overnight and I am going up the stairs to bed. For some reason, it often feels like an intruder may be coming up the stairs after me. I am “safe” when I reach the top.

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@janbb – hehehe. :) I sometimes get something similar when i’m on the couch watching a scary movie, or sometimes lying in bed when it’s dark – i can’t have any piece of me dangling off the edge of the couch or bed because it freaks me out and it feels like something under the bed or couch is going to grab me. So i feel “safe” when i lift up my legs onto the couch and get all of me onto the bed so that nothing sticks out over the edge.

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Edit: weird

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Only if I want to. If I do, I dismiss it right away. Then all is good.

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@ChazMaz – spook and demons are not to be trifled with, and nor can they be just be dismissed like that. :P

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They sure can. When they are just your imagination or possibly a form of mental projection.

When it comes to “spooks” and “demons”, they seem to show up when you want them to.
Always starting with, BELIEVING. :-)

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@ChazMaz – i know, i wish i didn’t have such a vivid imagination of them sometimes. :D

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I have to admit. I did come across a demon in my house the other day.
When I got home, I needed to exorcise my bathroom. :-)

It seems I forgot to flush to toilet before I went to work.

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Eww. TMI.

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I don’t get bad vibes in my present home, but my lapkitteh Cuddles seems to. Sometimes he will be sleeping soundly on my lap and will suddenly wake up on full alarm mode (big eyes, perky ears, kind of a WTF look) and always stares at the same spot, just over my left shoulder towards the kitchen. Sometimes he hisses and runs away, but most times he will growl and circle around and go back to sleep.

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@majorrich – that would scare the poop out of me!! :0

uber cute kitteh btw. :D

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@ChazMaz – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I thought i’d escaped that question forever….. :0 (hehe)

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I think a home or a place can feel like that until you can fill it with happy memories. Then it goes from house to home.
Also a few well placed lights,some painting and a new heat pump, can change the feel of a home.
I have a friend who I feel creeped out at her home. Its dark and oppressive. Her lawn looks like crap because she does no work on it or care to pay anyone to work on it.
I look at the house and feel sorry for it and for her neighbors who do try to maintain the outside. From the outside it looks like the Adams family should live there.

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I’ve always hoped to have a chat with a real ghost, but they keep eluding me.

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