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What is the best, yet most effortless, bathroom-type cleaner you've found?

Asked by poofandmook (17282points) July 14th, 2010

When Comet came out with that spray gel that sticks to the sides of the shower and the toilet, and I first bought it, I was thrilled. It seemed to work great. All I had to do was spray it on, let it sit, and rinse it off. Never had to touch it. Which is wonderful, considering how much I despise cleaning the toilet.

About halfway through the bottle though, it doesn’t want to spray anymore. I have to get creative with the angle I hold the bottle at, and even then it’s a flat-out pain in the ass.

I’m wondering if anybody has found a similar spray-and-rinse type cleaner that doesn’t quit halfway through the bottle?

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Scrub-Free works well.

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Anybody but me.

Seriously, I use all kinds of stuff, but my favorite is Scrubbling Bubbles.

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Yeah, scrubbing bubbles rocks. It’s a gigantic “eph you!” to the Ozone layer, but it sure is easy.

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I’ve experienced a similar problem with several spray-type bathroom cleaners. The sprayer works, but once the contents get down so far, it won’t come out when angled. If I like the product, I just buy another bottle, and when that gets low, use the other bottle to top it off. Personally, I like squeeze bottle products for the toilet.

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I have found that cleaning the shower while I am showering works the best.

Everything else I have tried, causes me to go over it again. ;-(

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Every body wants the miracle cleaning option.

The sad truth is, all of these products are only as good as the brush that you scrub with.

Toilet bowl-Clorox, toilet brush
Shower- Soft scrub, old fashioned scrub brush
Stubborn soap scum or mineral deposits-Vinegar and scrub brush.

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scrubbing bubbles
and their automatic shower sprayer

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I gave up on no effort cleansers a long time ago. The only thing I’ve seen that could take on the build up of hard water and soap scum is an abrasive cleaner and elbow grease.

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Yeah but I don’t have issues with hard water or soap scum.

I do have some weird stain in the toilet bowl though. Not hard water though. Heck, it almost looks like someone left mess in there without flushing for a long time, except nobody did, because I’m the only one that uses it.

I got most of it up with the spray gel, but I’m having trouble scrubbing the rest off, hard as I scrub, it doesn’t want to come up.

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Lime Away works wonders. Spray it, wait five minutes, and wipe away. Also Ka-Boom is good as well as scrubbing bubbles

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Scrubbing Bubbles is the shit.

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@poofandmook Have you tried pouring straight bleach in your toilet and just letting it stand for a few hours? I had the same thing you are talking about and poured about 2 or 3 cups of bleach in the toilet, let stand and it bleached the stain away

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I use soft scrub, Tilex, and my adult grandson.

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I’m still a stickler for Soft Scrub (sinks & counters), Ajax/Comet powder (toilets-tubs-showers) and Windex for glass and metal.

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@chyna: No, but I definitely will try it. I was trying not to resort to straight bleach, and I was also skeptical because I didn’t know how well it would work mixed in with all that water.

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I bought the FOAMING Scrubbing Bubbles ; I guess that was a mistake. I like Formula 409 Granite spray cleaner . It makes marble shine when it seems like it was meant to be a matt finish.

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