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What GPS to buy?

Asked by gtreyger (1397points) July 14th, 2010

After being stationed overseas for quite some time I am coming back to the United States. Much has changes since I’ve lived in the “Land of the Big PX,” and I need some assistance. What is the latest and greatest GPS device out there? Before I left I had Magellan RoadMate, and it was OK, but not great. Now that I think about it, it wasn’t really OK either. Most of the time it did its job but sometimes it would freeze for no apparent reason. Anyway, didn’t like it. While overseas I was using a Garmin Nuvi. Really nice piece of equipment. Seems solidly built and very user friendly. But now with so many options (lane assist, 3D, built in coffee maker) I am not sure what would be the best option for me. I’ll be moving to Northern California (Travis Air Force Base, if anyone is in the area – greetings) and at this time just stumped. Help!

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For me the only cost concern would be screen size. Otherwise, the cheaper the better.

Bells and whistles are not of any need for use. Point A to point B is all I want it for.

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I have a Garmin Nuvi, it’s great except you have to pay for updated maps.

The TomTom however, provides free maps. That’s something to look into.

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Every Garvin I have laid my hands on infuriated me, whether it be a buggy interface or taking forever to update after a missed turn or detour. Personally, I would avoid Garvin like a syphilitic whore.

TomTom is less annoying and what time I have spent with them did not result in me wanting to stomp them into dust. I am not overly familiar with Tomtom, so I cannot recommend for or against them.

My Magellan Roadmate has done an pretty decent job overall. It lacks some features (I bought a low-end model) but it does have a few neat tricks. The best one is that it will recalculate a route within a couple of carlengths of a “missed” turn; very handy in Seattle traffic during construction season. However, I am not paying $80 for updated maps!

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