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Is there a wall in your house that doubles as a note-pad?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42852points) July 14th, 2010

Once upon a time we only had a land line phone, in the kitchen. I had numbers and notes written on the wall next to the phone, including one that said, “Mark, 620–555-1212, 28 yrs old.” ..... My daughter had struck up some sort of phone acquaintance with this guy, and my daughter was only 16! She was pissed when she saw that note. There were a lot of numbers and notes on that wall. I was upset to come home one day to find that my husband had painted it over.

However, I still I have one wall in the back hallway that’s reserved for measuring Important People. I have all my kids and grand kids on there. My son is on there from when he was just two, at about 3 feet tall. Now his mark is at 6’2”. So many of my kids’ friends are on it, along with other random people. It’s a mark of privilege to be measured on that wall.

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I use my hand.

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When I was a teenager I used my dresser mirror for notes. My parents would have had a fit if I would have written on the walls.

I would love to have a wall to measure our children, but since we will be moving around a bit and aren’t settled anywhere yet, we don’t.

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NO! I’ve never written on walls….it just feels wrong, hehe. We have scrap pieces of note paper in the office (the second bedroom) or i’ve sometimes written something down on my shopping list notepad in the kitchen. We don’t really take messages around here though.

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Haha no, we have a white-board for that kind of thing. There is an edge of a wall that’s covered in pencil-marked height measurements of me and my siblings. :P

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My sister and I shared a room, and we wrote notes to each other on our full-length mirror.

Often, the bathroom mirror as well – usually angry messages to my brother regarding using up all the hot water to cover up his… 14 year old boy antics.

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If anyone wrote on my walls, I’d threaten to break their hand.

It’s a wall for the love of twinkies! Get some post-it notes or something.

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@cpreviteKansas doesn’t have post-its.

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Nope!! That’s what the fridge is for.

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Not anymore.When I was a little squirt,all walls were sketch pads.

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@NaturallyMe: Shame really. They come in all sorts or pretty colors

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@cprevite – i KNOW! They’re super cool. Civilized non-Kansans such as ourselves just can’t live without them.

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I painted a 4’ tall, 1’ wide section with chalkboard paint on one of my bedroom walls, near my desk. I use it to write quick notes on, when my computer is off & I don’t want to turn my computer on just to make a single note. It prevents scraps of paper from cluttering up my desk. It’s also good for doodling when boredom sets in.

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Yes. It’s a wall. JUST a wall. It can be painted over. I’m not talking about a free-for all in the living room with magic marker, BTW (which reminds me of when my then 3-year-old wrote her name on the wall in the living. I brought her in and scolded her, and she said, “How did ju know it wus me??” I’m talking about one small section of a wall that wound up with a lot of memories on it. Life is short. Why worry about walls?

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Hey, why not go ape on your walls with magic marker? Maybe that’ll be the centerpiece of my next kitchen.

In mine, I had a crazed postpartum depression day, and now have this my wall.

Your message wall serves a purpose. ^_^ I like that idea.

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No. But we do have a wall in the kitchen that is completely covered in maps: local, city, state country and world. It is very handy.

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No, we use a magnetic writing board hanging on the wall.

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I had a wall like this in my teens. All my friends drew over it. It was quite a cool wall, though from what I hear it was a pain and a half to prime and cover up. Nowadays you wouldn’t know what was under it. In my farm house I am planning on making one of the kitchen walls into a whiteboard wall, so that we can always write notes/lists/etc without any limit of space.

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@dynamicduo Good idea! I’ve toyed with the idea of making one wall in the bathroom into a graffiti wall!

@Seek_Kolinahr (No file found… :(

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In our house it’s not a wall, its the refrigerator. Schedules and appointments are listed, grocery lists are started, and times for the recycling pickup are noted..

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