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How do police get past the gated entrance in my neighborhood?

Asked by wgallios (1768points) July 14th, 2010

Every neighborhood that I have lived in where it had a gated entrance the police can obviously get passed the gates very quickly.

How do they do this? I’m sure they don’t know all the gate codes in the city. Is there a secret code they can use on all the gates, or do they have their own “universal” clicker/opener which lets them in?

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The municipality keeps record of all the gates in the area for use in case of emergency. The permitting process for gated communities is pretty rigorous, and EMS, police, and fire safety are all involved.

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@Seek_Kolinahr So they do essentially know all the gate codes?

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Some of the really upscale neighborhoods even have a sensor like some stoplights do, that automatically opens when they sense an emergency vehicle approaching.

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In my jurisdiction, its a public safety requirement(law)that all gated complexes gives their entrance security code to the police, fire and EMTs.

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You’ll also find that many underground apartment complex gates (that do not have a magnetic lock) are easily bypassed simply by yanking on them really hard (a drunken college party trick). I always assumed it was a “secret” bypass for the fire department so they didn’t have to yank it down with a chain in case of emergency. I always assumed gates that could not be yanked open (e.g. magnetic lock private gated community gates) had to have a security guard or be registered with local authorities.

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