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Is fixed wireless a good option for Internet (assuming DSL is not available)?

Asked by dhawk1 (1points) July 14th, 2010

I’m in an area that doesn’t have DSL and I need to get Internet for my business. Fixed wireless and a T-1 line are my only options, but a T-1 line is out of my budget. Have you used fixed wireless? Is it good/bad? What other options for Internet might be out there that I’m not considering?

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Well, it sounds like fixed wireless is your only option if you can’t afford the T1. I have no experience with wireless access via radio signals, but it sounds like it could have dependability issues—just a guess. I suppose you have not overlooked the possibility of a cable modem or wireless access via mobile device.

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You might have some latency issues with fixed wireless. But if you have any servers that outside traffic will be coming in on, say email or web server, might be good to put them in a colocation facility.

But if your just needing it to do general web surfing, you’ll probably be fine. Also as @perspicacious said, if you cant afford T-1, it might be your only option. There is always dial up though =p

How many workstations are going to need internet access? is it a small office or larger office? If its a smaller office; are you in an area covered by wimax? could always try a provider like clear.

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Are there nearby businesses who you could ask about their solutions?

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Can you use cable?? They may have a business solution for phone & internet. My local cable company does a LOT of businesses.

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What is fixed wireless? Is it like Clear1?

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@wundayatta no, its called point-to-point. Basically it uses a wireless signal between two fixed locations to create a wireless network connection. Some services providers locally in town offer it to supply internet to buildings that may not be able to get internet from either copper or fiber optic.

So it uses a radio antenna to transmit the signal between the locations, and doesn’t require a satellite or anything like that.

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Is fixed wireless simply WiFi with excellent focused antennas on both ends?

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