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How are your teeth positioned when your jaw is relaxed?

Asked by le_inferno (6189points) July 14th, 2010

When you’re in a normal, relaxed state, are your top and bottom teeth touching, or slightly ajar? Is your tongue behind your teeth? If so, is it behind just the bottom row? I find that my tongue rests gently between my teeth… and my teeth don’t touch at all. My tongue is pretty long, so maybe it just needs the room! It feels kinda cramped when I place it behind my teeth. Either way, I don’t think it’s normal, so I wanted to survey the collective :D

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Ajar (slightly).
(Sometimes) bottom row and (sometimes) top row tongue rester.

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I’ll admit, I grind my teeth like crazy. So even when I’m “relaxed”, the top and bottom are touching.
I’ve got a small mouth, so I’m usually biting on the sides of my tongue without noticing.

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Slightly ajar
Sometimes my tongue rests behind my bottom row and sometimes the top. It doesn’t feel too cramped in there.
@meagan reading your response made me revert back to my grinding days :/

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you might have a thing called ‘hyperglossia’ which means large tongue. it’s normal.

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Slightly ajar..
I have an overbite.(from being stupid and not wearing my headgear or retainer.) My tongue is usually resting on the top of my mouth behind my front teeth. I like to feel my teeth with my tongue, and have a habit of doing that constantly whenever there’s a “flaw” with a tooth. I have a tooth that is half-broken, and I’m always sticking my tongue on it. lol

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I had to just do it now to find out. :P In relaxed position with my mouth closed, my teeth are close to touching, but not quite. My tongue touches the back of my bottom front teeth.

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My jaws are not aligned at all and I have a major overbite. My back teeth touch but my front teeth hang completely over my bottom teeth (hiding them almost completely). There is also a gap between my front bottom teeth and top teeth. My lower jaw is pushed back. My tongues tends to rest on top of my bottom teeth, behind my top teeth. I need upper and lower jaw surgery to fix my alignment issues.

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I’ve never really thought about it before so like @DominicX, I had to do it to check. :P
My mouth is slightly ajar, with my tongue resting on the bottom of my mouth, slightly touching the back of my bottom row of teeth.

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Okay it is SO DIFFICULT for me to answer this because every time I try to notice my teeth/tongue positioning, I become aware of it and suddenly feel like maybe they’re not in their natural positions.

But this is what I think is right: My teeth aren’t touching, but are close. The end of my tongue kind of rests on the back of my front teeth and the roof of my mouth.

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Lol, thanks for everyone’s input… I realize like @DominicX and @Fly it’s not something one usually notices or thinks about… oddly enough, what got me going on this was a song. The lyrics said something about your tongue behind your teeth, and I said to my mom, “My tongue isn’t behind my teeth! Is yours?” and she’s like ”...Yeah.” Made me wonder…

@trailsillustrated I looked up ‘hyperglossia’ with little result. The condition for an enlarged tongue is called ‘macroglossia.’ But I don’t think I have that. My tongue isn’t huge, just a little long. I can touch my nose with it :D

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@le_inferno whatever, it’s not the norm but completely within the realm of normal. if you know what I mean. it’s ok

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Not ajar, bottom teeth resting behind top teeth.

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All of my back teeth rest gently and flush with one another until you get to the incisors. My top, front four teeth overlap the bottom four pretty severely. So much so that, if you look straight on, you can’t see the bottom front teeth. My bottom front teeth almost reach the roof of my mouth, and my tongue rests such that the tip is right between the roof of my mouth and the top of my bottom teeth.

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I have had an overbite as a result of an orthodontic treatment plan and just had corrective jaw surgery to achieve what’s supposed to be the perfect state. I may be some help here!

It’s now upper teeth cover the bottom ones with about ¼ milllimeter clearance, and my tongue rests against the back of the front of my bottom row. Teeth should connect in the back.

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