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Why do Italian Americans fire of fireworks so often?

Asked by ETpro (34505points) July 14th, 2010

We recently moved into the heart of Little Italy in Boston’s North End. Of course, I’m not surprised by do-it-yourselfers celebrating on the 4th of July and such occasions. But I must say this place was like a total war zone on the 3rd and the 4th, and of course there were the inevitable leftovers that people discovered on the 5th. I’m not talking just lady fingers or even cherry bombs. They fire of skyrockets that go hundreds of feet up and generate star-bursts and sparkling light-curtains just like the stuff the professional displays use. These sort of skyrockets cost serious money, and they fire them by the dozens or on the 4th by the hundreds.

But it’s not just on holidays. There was another big batch tonight. Every saint’s birthday seems to rate a fireworks celebration, but even on days with no special meaning, we have one or two big displays a week. Are they for birthdays or weddings within a family, or what?. Am I off base in thinking it’s the Italian Americans? What’s it all about?

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I don’t know about the Italian Americans, but my husband would shoot off fireworks everyday of the year providing we could afford it and he wouldn’t get a ticket from the city. My husband is no where near any Italian heritage.

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Italian Americans? i thought we all were just Americans, once nationalized.

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@knitfroggy I used to be an amateur rocket scientist as a kid. I made a few that went WAY out of sight. You couldn’t even see the smoke trail. I also made lots of bombs testing new oxidizing agents. A kid doing that today would probably end up on the no fly list. I ended up the president of a NASA sanctioned Amateur Rocket Club for high school students. So my heart is with your hubby.

@john65pennington So what am I supposed to say to ask this question in a politically correct way.

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The mods missed this question, surely it was suppose to say “off”. Also the Futher PC Police did not make not that it could blanket all Italian Americans as having a propensity to fire off fireworks.

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