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Guess what mens fashions are most hated by women today?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) July 14th, 2010

The latest survey, taken in Britain and written by Shine of Yahoo, states that the number one mens article of clothing, hated the most by women, are Hawaiian shirts. do you have a clue as to what’s second on the list?

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I would be inclined to guess that it would be pants around the thighs. I know I find it really unattractive to see someone’s backside hanging out and the constant hitching of britches. But, as I am certainly not a fashion maven, I am inclined to say T-shirts and/or tennis shoes.

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Track pants (a.k.a. sweat pants) – worn without underwear?

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Socks under sandals . . . ummm, leisure suits?

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Kayak8 you receive the booby prize. sock with sandals on men. my dad use to do this and time after time i attempted to have him leave off the socks with sandals. did it work? no.

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Cartoon infested boxer shorts?

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not saying this is me, but the reason why today’s young men wear socks with sandals is:

either 1, it’s just the style; 2, yeah, sandals are nice, but i just cant go bare-foot in public; 3, i dont like my feet to get cold in the mall or theatre; 4, i know sandals should be worn without socks, but dont want to wear a heavy gymshoe. 5; i just don’t know why i’m wearing socks and sandals, but i saw somebody else wear it this way.

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Strange, I saw that article.. and it showed me that the #1 thing that women disliked was Ed Hardy shirts. I won’t answer any further, since I did read the article. I just thought that was odd.

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Painted on boot cut blue jeans.

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the stupid hat : trilby on someone way too old. the relentless ball cap, the winter ski hat worn in summer. eww

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@TheOnlyNeffie Ed Hardy shirts are an abomination. ed hardy anything is an abomination.

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The codpiece?

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Ball caps worn backwards for no practical reason.

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I would have guessed pants worn under the ass, as well. Ugh.

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I agree with @Kayak8 – those pants that sit half way down or below the butt are extremely unattractive – fortunately it’s only the younger ones (ie way too young for me) that seem to do that.
I have no problem with an occasional hawaiin shirt worn appropriately (summer bbq or something).

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I would guess skinny jeans. I have no idea if that is correct. I know I can’t stand them.

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Skinny jeans make me want to LOL.

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