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What are some of your favorite toys from your childhood?

Asked by cornman (737points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone

Mine? Rockem’ Sockem’ Ribots, Verti-Bird helicopter toy.

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G.I. Joes and He-Man, I was really into action figures (dolls) as a kid. However, at twenty-eight years old, I still play with the best toy ever invented, my SKATEBOARD!

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transformers & g.i. joe

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atari and nes considered a toy :P

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I had lots of my little ponies, and a teddy ruxpin with a tape player in his back :D

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No, video games shouldn’t count.

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I almost forgot: MATCHES

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hot wheels cars =) I grew up with only brothers so any “girl” toys got burned or buried lol

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Lego’s! i made some pretty rad stuff back in the day if i do say so myself.

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I was all about CLASSIC ninja turtles and legos.

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LEGO™ defines me…
HotWheels Cars

Can I just point out that the name for a piece of LEGO™ is a brick or piece of LEGO™, not a Lego. So the collective for LEGO™ bricks is LEGO™. Not Lego’s. or legos. or LEGOS.

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It was all about my Dr. Alan Grant action figure from Jurassic Park. Hell yes! I spent months of my life pretending that little man was being attacked by everything from my stuffed lion (affectionately known as “snuggles”) to Lego dinosaurs.

Alan Grant’s plastic alter-ego died a miserable and slow death by being buried alive (I found a toy coffin) with the intention of resurrecting as my other favorite toy, the 12” super mario doll.

It never happened and I’ve been a jaded man ever since.

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I loved the HotWheels Cars and LEGOS back when I was a little boy.
(Yeah I said LEGOS, bluemukaki!!!)

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If you say Lego when revering to more than one, it reminds me of the saying, “leggo my eggo!” for some reason.

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I had ever thing from star wars I was at the perfect age when the first one came out in 1977 we lost the king but we got star wars ow and my general lee car

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I can’t believe nobody said micro machines…those things were the best! I had all the star wars, star trek and military ones. Totally awesome. I still play with mine once in a while =)

I also used to build model planes with my dad alot, but I don’t know if they’re considered toys.

Also my yomega brain yo yo, estes rockets (which I still love), and lots of Star Wars figures, Boba Fett being my favorite.

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lol @ Riser. I would’ve loved a Dr. Alan Grant action figure. My brother and I grew up on Jurassic Park and bought every single dinosaur figurine we saw and, like you, also built Lego dinosaurs. We were dinosaur freaks and knew the Latin names for every single species, what they ate, and who their predators were. Pretty nerdy for a 7— and 8-year-old. My brother was a T-Rex for Halloween one year and then the Green Ranger from Power Rangers another year.

Aside from dinosaurs, we liked nerdy educational games, flashcards, and always fought over our little V-Tech “laptop” filled to the brim with spelling, vocabulary, and math games.

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jz1220: I was eight years old when I get my hands on that V-Tech “laptop.” What a dream that little toy was. It taught me how to type. I used to practice “abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz…repeat” over and over and over until I was ready for a full fledged career as a secretary… unfortunately I never grew the blonde hair or breasts so I decided to pursue writing instead.

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@riser Hillary is going to kick your but for that last statement

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@Oneye: If she does I’m sicking the trans gendered community on her. :D

I forgot about the glory that was the pog. I hated em’ but I respected em’ all at the same time.

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Hmm do board games count? Candyland and operation, mousetrap, hungry hungry hippo…

And I was a ruthless monopoly player… winning is seriously not fun in that game.

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Monopoly attacks the psyche as viciously as electro-shock therapy, but in a more sadomasochistic way because you can do it with your grandma.

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I liked my Jem doll with her big ass head, She-ra, my crazy speak and spell machine, lite brite was dope! the game operation, those books that had the plastic peely sticky characters – color form i think they were called? play dough was always cool with that tool that mashed the dough through your choice of 6 funkyshapes

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Silly Sand. Klakkers. Barbie, although I never did have one, I loved playing with my neighbor’s dolls. Dawn dolls, I even had the fashion stage. Hula Hoop. Not a toy, but I enjoyed my record player with my Alvin and the Chipmunk collection, and the Monkees. Lincoln Logs, and I still would like to live in a Lincoln Log house. Tinker Toys, which was less involved than an Erector set. My microscope, that was pretty cool. Colorforms (I see someone else just wrote this!) Betsy McCall paper dolls. I had a game called Bats in the Belfry that was pretty cool, at some point all the plastic bats would fly out of the belfry, that and Mousetrap, which I also thought ruled. Gumby. Super Balls. My bicycle, with banana seat and monkey handlebars. Chinese jump rope. Silly Putty.

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did anyone have a litebrit I liked that my mom hated it

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Yay! I loved lite brite. I especially loved playing with it at night when I was supposed to be sleeping! Yayah!

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Yeah, my little brother had a Lite Brite. Those pegs could be found everywhere in the house. I used to also like Paint by Number.

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ya I did the same I’m sleeping I’m playing with the lite brite and pegs every where paint by # remember the velvet ones

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I had a Godzilla that had real smoke come out of it. It was pretty cool. Then all the power rangers and megazord thing. Pogs on and a little mermaid doll that sang when u pushed a button on her ass. I was a gay little boy let me tell u….

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Anyone remember what those cars were called that…
– you and a buddy lined up facing each other across the floor, with a couple of ramps in between
– you put the ripcord into the car, and pulled it out fast to get the drive wheel spinning
– set the cars down so they sped off towards the ramps
– timed perfectly, both cars collide majestically in mid air
– and doors, hoods, wheels, etc all came flying off

…then you put ‘em back together and did it again, and again, and again, and…

Aw, man. I MISS those… now I gotta go looking.

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Is that a luchador in your avatar? :P

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was it the snake and go crash cars

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@squirbel, yah… I love me some good lucha libre.

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The Atari 2600, Light Brite, Roller Skates and Erector Sets. I also had these trippy coloring books called Altair Design, that my uncle used to buy me when he was stoned.

My other favorite toys were materials from the outdoors. Large cardboard refrigerator boxes, large sticks, and rocks. I was always trying to make some sort of fort, or come up with some sort of invention – very often with no success.

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I used to make forts too! Mine were mostly from sheets and string though…

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heck ya! I loved making forts! In the backyard, and one’s that covered the entire living room over the coaches. YEA!

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I was spoiled rotten with action figures
but I have say my most valued memories were spent with either my crossbow (suction darts) my scooter or ANY cardboard box that wasbig enough to crawl inside of.

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Major Matt Mason rocked! I had Sgt. Storm and Calypto the alien as well. Wish I had them still. Also, G.I. Joe was cool. And I don’t mean those crappy little action figures but full size, about 14”.

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