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Do you honestly think that an ex felon who has redeemed themself can work as a pharmacy technician?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) July 14th, 2010

They have no drug charges,and seriously want to change their life.

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What’s so special about a pharmacy tech, as opposed to some other job? My answer is greatly dependent upon the person and the crime. Since you need some sort of certification to be a pharmacy tech, I guess someone who took the time and effort to learn the trade would be worthy of consideration.

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According to this site, there is a background check that must be able to be passed to be able to sit for the examination itself. A candidate cannot have a felony record of any kind. Additionally, the candidate cannot ever have had a conviction for any sort of drug crime even if it is a misdemenor. It may vary from state to state. I looked at several schools requirements and they all mentioned having to pass a background check. Pharmacy technicians deal with private patient medical and billing information as well, so that has to be taken into consideration along with the access to narcotic medications.

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I’d hire them if they had qualified. We would have to come to a firm understanding that there would be no tolerance for illegal behaviour of any kind.

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There is no such thing as doing your time and moving on with life, I guess. Once a criminal, always a criminal. Sigh.

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Depends on the felony.

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I do believe its a law violation for an ex-convict to work in a pharmacy environment.

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I’m with the others in feeling it depends of what the felony was for.

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Probably not.
I got my license to work as a pharmacy tech. They do so many background checks. I even had to get my fingerprints stamped and sent off. They want to know everything about you. And if you’ve got a past, they don’t want to risk stolen goods.

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They should be able to, but probably wouldn’t be allowed.

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