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What's the best SNES game I haven't played?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) March 19th, 2008

I played most of em.

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listing some of the titles you have played would help in narrowing down a good suggestion. But I really liked Chrono Trigger, Super Metriod, and Super Mario RPG to just name a few.

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I thinking of game that weren’t that famous but were awesome. I would tell people to play Terinigna.

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@ trogdor super mario RPG was my favorite!

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play the first jurrasic park game, it may seem cheesy but its a really good game, rise of the robots too

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Chrono trigger, secret of mana, yoshi’s island, bubsy (hard)

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This youtube vid shows some of the good ones

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desert strike return to the gulf, wings two aces high, smoking aces, wing commander, turtles in time, doom

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Yooobplay kid kleets. Its soo dope

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Donkey kong country 3 is awesome

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Definitely Earthbound, unless you’re super hip and have played it.

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