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How would you not notice if there was a razor in your apple?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19031points) July 14th, 2010

Around Halloween, you start hearing parents warning their kids about eating an apple with a razor inside it. Do people grow apples with razors in them? Or do they just shove them in the apple a hour before handing it out, and the apple magically heals itself and you can’t tell that someone has already cut into your apple?

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I’ve not heard that one in years, but I’d guess that they have a technique of shoving them in, so as not to notice the entrance ‘wound’.

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All it would take is a small piece sticking out to hurt someone.

I thought I had heard once that there had never been a reported case of this happening, but I checked Snopes and sure enough, it has!

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Just cut the thing in six parts.

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The one time it happened, they used a tiny, thin razor blade, not the big craft style. I believe I heard that it was the parents who did it.

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The PARENTS did something like that! Wow.

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