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ITunes hacked, now what?

Asked by gemiwing (14713points) July 15th, 2010

We had someone hack into our iTunes account (apparently happening often lately ) last night. Yay, us.

So Hubbs is calling the bank when they open and we’re hoping this is a big enough story that they’ll listen to us and not make us pay for these b.s. charges.

I feel angry about losing money we don’t have extra of (it was for food); angry that someone out there is listening to stuff we bought… yet I’m possibly more angry that they bought crappy music. Keysha for god’s sake. I mean if they really needed music we could have sent them twenty CD’s of good stuff.

Have any of you had something like this happen? How did you handle it and what did you do? Did they listen to you or did you have to eat the charge? Do you have any tips?

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While I have never experienced this, I do have a suggestion for the future. Things like this are the same reason we don’t put credit card information on our iTunes account. Instead of using a credit card to buy songs, we buy iTunes gift cards from the store when we want to buy a song. The cards available are usually $25 and under so there is only a small amount of money on the account at one time (but they do also come in $50 and $100). If your account is hacked, there is no risk of the hacker getting into your outside money.

I am sorry you had to go through this and I hope everything gets settled with the bank.

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To be clear, iTunes was not hacked. Either you fell for some phishing attack or you have something on your computer that is recording your keystrokes and is sending off the data. If your credit card data was stolen you would have bought a laptop on Amazon and not a shitty .99cent song.

So nobody broke into Apple’s server and stole your credit card data. But somebody did trick you into filling in your iTunes credentials on a webpage or there is a keystroke logger installed on your computer.

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@johnpowell I didn’t fall for a phishing scam nor do I have a key logger on my computer. So thank you for the reminder- but this is what happened to me. It wasn’t one “shitty 99cent song”, it was much more than that.

I was looking for personal experiences in having ones information stolen, not a lecture about something that doesn’t apply to me. Perhaps someone else out there can learn from your input- and I hope they do.

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Maybe you should look into other options in the future. Just a thought…

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