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I’ve never used either of these so I can’t attest to how good they are.
But on alternative I’ve heard of are the Arduino boards.
Occasionally, Nerdkits advertises on Reddit. You can see some comments from people who have either used Nerdkits or Arduino boards there, or maybe people who own alternatives that I didn’t see. Here’s a thread, and another, and a third. Okay,and a fourth

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well, the only reason i answered the question, this is a new member of Fluther and no one as answering their question. Also, went into their comment area and Welcomed them to Fluther. it has not been a good morning!

Please delete this one…thank you!

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:) I’m sure I did see other people post alternative on Reddit it was where I went to before here, but it seems like it was censored.

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WOW! Big ripoff compared to arduino.

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