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Why did you post that question?

Asked by MissA (7391points) July 15th, 2010

Is it appropriate to ask WHY a question was asked?

Sometimes, THAT would seem to be the key to allowing other flutherers a better chance of offering a personally helpful and focused answer.

Some hint at that information is, at times, within the question’s ‘details’. Many times that information is revealed after comments pull it out! And, some offer everything, but that information.

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Oh, i think so! Especially when the question is ambiguous! that would probably be one of mine..loll!

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Yes, it’s usually appropriate and have seen several people ask just that in the past.

So, why did you ask this?

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@gemiwing LOLL…love it!

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I’m not being facetious, I really am curious. I reread and saw it might come across as bitchy

@BoBo1946 Glad to add some happiness to your day :)

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@gemiwing It’s in the above details!

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@MissA I’m still not getting it. I’m going to walk away, get some more coffee and try to wake up. Perhaps that will help me.

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@gemiwing I’m not feeling bitchy at all. Read it as a friendly point of conversation. Perhaps my question is just off. Y’all are the judge of that.

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@MissA I meant my comment might seem bitchy, not your question. I think it’s just fine. I’m starting to wonder where i left my brain this morning, though… Give a yell if you see it laying around anywhere

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@gemiwing You’re fine. At over 14k, I’m inclined to respect my “elder”!

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@gemiwing i knew what you meant…it was funny!

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Doesn’t this belong in Meta?

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Shouldn’t that information be in the details?

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inquiring minds want to know…........................

to meta or not to meta, that is the ?

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Sometimes the question is ambiguous and needs to be clarified.

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@marinelife Perhaps, but when I re-read the guidelines, it felt like social was the most appropriate. I think that it could go either way. A “bi-topic’!

@wundayatta Yes, that is what I said in my question’s details.

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Not you, @MissA. I am referring to the hypothetical person who asked a question and it isn’t apparent why they did. I’m saying that information should be in the details and if it isn’t, then the question should get moderation.

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