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What does this dream mean?

Asked by Spartan (16points) July 15th, 2010

Last night I had a dream about someone I have a crush on loving me,(Note, she is nice to to me but doesn’t show atrraction). Should I tell her about this or should expect somthing.
Don’t call me crazey but sometimes my dreams will happen.

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Dream interpretation is not a solid field of study, not much is known about the actual meaning of dreams. How are we supposed to know what is going on in your head?

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never have put any stock into dreams! Most amazing thing about dreams is the people that you meet in your dreams, you have no idea who these people are….!

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If you two end up together, you might mention it to her after that. Telling her now might scare her off.

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It means you may have been asleep.

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It could be a manifestation of your desires.

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Sounds to me like you would like it if she returned your feelings for her. Since you have a crush on her, it makes sense.

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I used to date her. I wouldn’t waste your time.

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It’s called a wishful dream. It has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with you. If you like her, then ask her to do whatever you want to ask her to do. Just don’t expect your dream to predict the outcome. In fact, you would have never asked this question if you really thought the dream does predict the outcome.

The dream is showing you what you want to do. Do it or not. If you do it, just remember that a prepared person has a greater chance of success.

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@wundayatta…..I agree with your interpretation.

Go ahead and ask her out….but don’t go overboard and tell her about the dream. It will scare her away. I think it is just your dream telling you how you feel about her. Just go for a walk or for lunch somewhere and see what happens. Be her friend first. That works sometimes.

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I had a dream last night I was hand-gliding over a rolling avalanche of blue snow reorganizing the clouds to form perfect synchronicity with the natural order of things so I could keep going. It was very, very hard. I think Daft Punk was there, surfing on the avalanche.

I don’t look into dreams for too much meaning.

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I think it was a projection of your desires. I would keep it to yourself for now. Mention it if things advance in that direction.

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