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Former vice-President Dick Cheney is having heart problems, again. Are you going to hope for his recovery or be thankful that the world will be a safer place without him.

Asked by Ron_C (14465points) July 15th, 2010

The vice president has a long history with heart disease but a longer history of secret deals that help his friends and undermine democracy, He started his current career phase as H.W. Bush’s vice-President and in the first months in office had secret meetings with oil executives likely dividing up the earth’s resources. We can’t know because even the attending list was and is secret.

Secret operations became his style and he became known as Bush’s Brain. It is likely that he is directly responsible for the bombing and occupation of Afghanistan, and manipulating intelligence to insure that we occupied Iraq. Those are just some of his “accomplishments”. It may be years before we find other atrocities for which he is responsible.

I believe that the world would have been a much safer and probably cleaner world if Cheney was never born. It will be safe when his influence completely disappears.

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Neither. I give him no more power than a human can possess, you know – if it’s not him, it’ll be someone else.

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He has a heart?

I don’t wish death on anyone, but I will not mourn.

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I think his health is, thankfully, finally irrelevant.

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It is weird, but i wish everyone who has a troubled health, to get well.
He might be an asshole, he might not, but even apparent assholes have family who care for them.

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I can’t wish anyone ill health either.
He has left office, I don’t think he is an issue that I need to concern myself with.

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I don’t wish him ill. I think he is self-discrediting.

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I certainly won’t miss him, but I don’t wish death upon him.

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Cheney deserves to have his health attended to like all the rest of us.

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How can he possibly have heart problems without a heart?

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It’d be churlish of me to wish him ill. Anyway, with his benefits, he’ll get the best care possible.

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I think @Cruiser said it best.
Don’t really care one way or the other.
Now, if it was the producers of FOX NEWS. I may have to think about what I wish for. LOL
Ok, not wishing them dead but maybe a long recovery and they hand over the reigns to someone who knows the difference between reporting the news and trying to make news happen.

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I hope his death is painful. I’m a dick but at least I have the balls to say it.

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@johnpowell He’s a Dick too.

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I wish him a speedy recovery. As long as he’s around, he’ll be a reminder of how bad the Bush Administration was.

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I choose option C, go on with my life as usual cause his existence means nothing in my world.

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Seeing as how my wellwishes or illwishes have no effect on his outcome, then there’s no reason for me to not be honest.
I wish, very much, for him to not be alive any more.

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Everybody dies, @Sarcasm. I hereby grant your wish.

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Wishing ill to someone…no matter how nefarious you think they are…is karmically wrong.

I wish him whatever outcome his soul is willing to manifest or his soul needs at this time.

Maybe he will have a near-death experience, have a “Road to Damascus” awakening and atone for everything. You never know.

That’s why we cannot play G-d like that.

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Just have to say, i would be so pissed if he atoned for everything! What the fuck good would that do?

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@DarlingRhadamanthus I was originally going to post that I honestly hope the fucker dies till I read your answer. If he did have something like that happen and he did decide to atone, it’d be a wonderful thing if he went through, revealed what happened, who he talked to, and maybe tried to actually do some good for the world, that’d be pretty awesome.

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I won’t be sad when he goes but I’m not wasting my time/energy wishing him ill, either.

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Most of you don’t wish him dead and I think that is quite correct because although I don’t believe in god, there may be something like karma. I think my wish may be a little worse than death, I wish him everything he deserves.

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I have no opinion on this either way. I am happy though that he’s not in a position to influence decisions in higher government like he used to do in the Bush administration. Then again, I’m not sure Obama and his people are doing much better at this point.

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I wish him no ill but I don’t hope for a miraculous cure either. His legacy of misconduct will outlive him long after anybody who cared about him.

For a man who appeared not to have one, I am surprised that its malfunctioning has even come to his attention. I guess it circulates bile in his system.

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There are countless other fools who will take his place as soon as he drops out of the ridiculous game these people play. There is no satisfaction to be had in his death. The problems he represents will still be here in full force.

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I don’t wish this on him, but I will enjoy it if he suffers.

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I don’t wish for him to die. If I had my way, he’d self-realize what kind of person he has been, and then let the public know he now knows. And then he’d do an Eisenhower-like warning about the Security/Military Industrial Complex. If he did that, then that’s the most helpful outcome that could occur and it might actually save a number of lives equal or greater to than the number of lives his executive decisions have killed.

But I won’t have my way.

And when he’s dead, perhaps there should be parties. Not because it’s proper or right, but because it’d be somewhat cathartic. I hope his funeral is ruined.

I hope his next incarnation is a wiser and more empathic one.

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To partially paraphrase Mark Twain, I wouldn’t wish him a painful, fiery death, but I would certainly enjoy reading the obituary describing it.

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Good one Rufus!

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He’s a human being and even though I don’t agree with most of his views and his style I hope for his recovery. But the world will be a safer place with people like Obama and Biden in charge. Safety requires strong international alliances and a mindset of sincere dialog. Bush and Cheney declared a political war on some of their most important allies and friends including France and Germany. Either you agree with us or you are our enemy. That was the motto. I’m glad this is over. I think it’s actually the real reason for giving Obama the Nobel Peace prize. Everyone outside the US was so relieved the political nightmare with all the bullying was finally over. The top bully was Cheney. Not Bush.

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heroes and villains. recent history is too much like a comic book.

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I do not, as a general rule, wish death on anyone – to do so is to leave yourself in position to be the recipient of a similar wish from someone else. However, that being said – I think our world would be a better place without someone as selfish & self-centered & greedy as Dick Cheney & I would not mourn his passing.

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Sounds like the general consensus here is… we’re not as douchey as Cheney. XD

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@Linda_Owl – Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we could talk Fred Phelps into picketing Cheney’s funeral and do you think FOX News would want to cover it?

Sorry, I think my evil twin slipped out for a second.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly I like your style!

Rufus_T_Firefly's avatar

@filmfann – Thanks, but I can’t take all the credit. My evil twin has already spent years working on plans to celebrate picket ol’ Freddie’s funeral when he finally kicks the bucket! You’re all invited to join in the festivites. LOL

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