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What foods would you miss most?

Asked by christine215 (3163points) July 15th, 2010

If grocery stores didn’t exist and you were limited to eating only foods that were locally available to you, what foods would you lose from your diet and what foods would you miss the most?

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potato chips :(:(

they are helpin my ulcers today.

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cheese from all over the world, staples like canned goods… the local food here is pretty incredible though so I suppose I could make do

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Cheesecake. :(

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Hot cheetos puffs.

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chocolates, chips, ummm, i’m not sure. I don’t think i know what are only locally available.

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Smoked salmon, bagels, salt water seafood, Asian condiments, Gulf crawfish, boudin,charcouterie, European cheese.

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This is depressing!

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@Samantha_Rae and @dpworkin you’re right up my alley
but lest we forget about simple things like flour to make bread, salt, sugar, cinnamon?

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But flour is not hard to mill, and you can get wheat locally. Also, starter will keep live yeast ready, and it’s not hard to make. Sugar can be made from corn and from beets, salt is mined everywhere, or made from seawater. Cinnamon I would miss.Tellicherry black pepper, Chile Ancho, Poblano, Serrano, fleur de sel, Basmati rice, coconut, mangoes, guavas, bananas…

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@dpworkin it depends on where you live for the availability of wheat for flour… I don’t know how to make sugar from corn or beets

salt is more than 100 miles from me in any direction so I’m SOL there

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Cool question! Fresh ocean seafood would be a big one! Citrus fruits, avocados, bananas and German Chocolates! I’d go back to brewing beer to make my old world favorites myself!

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I’m striving for 90% of our food consumption to be within less than 100 miles or so from where we live.

If you were to “eat local” what would your meals consist of?

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My cat and my dog would have to be first to go, then I would move on to human neighbors.

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@dpworkin gulf crawfish?? they are getting extinct as we speak.

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Not yet, but they will become so unless things change immediately.

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@dpworkin… just like the gulf oysters and shrimp and crabs all the other tasty critters in the gulf and the ‘swamps’ that either filter to eat or eat off the bottom

(so sad)

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I’d miss
Soda pop
Frozen yogurt
Brazil nut
Cheez Its
Sourdough bread

Everything else I eat most often and crave then I can have locally such as meats, eggs, cheeses, other breads, tons of vegies and fruits and homemade goodies such as caviar, pastries, sorbets, jams, dumplings, whatever. If there’s something my mom or I can’t make then we know people who can and who can make them from local scratch ingredients.

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Dark chocolate, angel food cake with freshly whipped cream and local strawberries, edamame, bagels, salmon, spicy/cilantro hummus, banana marshmallows (Canadian product – I eat them by the bagful).

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Jumbo shrimp, tropical fruit, most of the spices I use, soy sauce, all nuts except walnuts, filet mignon, oyster sauce, duck sauce, black bean paste, peanut oil, frozen burritos, pastrami, most cheeses that I cook with, hot Chinese mustard, eggplant.

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I’ve an idea. How about we start stockpiling your pantry list and then converge on your farm for some delicious cooking. Noms.

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Where will we get toilet paper from? The farmer’s market doesn’t sell it.

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Aunt Jemima pancake syrup, extra cool whip, strawberries, bacon, coffee, Reeses PB cups, M&M’s
@Neizvestnaya Looks like I’ll be hadling the emotional food and treats for the stockpile for the @stranger_in_a_strange_land convergence. @Pied_Pfeffer is in charge of the TP

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@MaryW Toilet paper solution. It is either this or a bidet.

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Come on over. We’re having coq au vin, new potatoes and stuffed peppers; strawberries and cream for dessert. The oriental cuisine is on hold for a few months, I can’t maneuver a Chinese cleaver with my left hand. Jacqueline is superb with French-Canadian cooking.

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I live near the bread basket of the world, so there isn’t much I would miss.

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I love vegetables!

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A good cut of meat
If pepper ceased to exist I would cry

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Chalah is not at all difficult to make.

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@dpworkin What if you don’t have the ingredients?

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Why wouldn’t you? What localities have no wheat or eggs? You can produce both at home. Yeast is wild.

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@dpworkin No one I know has a chicken coop to get eggs from :S

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If you were cut off from all non-local foods you would get one. No one I know grows wheat, but one can.

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Cheesecake and chocolate.

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@Mtl_zack you’d be surprised what food resources are closer to you than you think

I had to do a bit of research, but I managed to find eggs, milk, cheese, beef and pork all in less than 15 minute drive (but then again, I live in the suburbs)

there’s a great website

you can plug in your zip code and see who sells what nearby

I’ve decided that certain pantry staples are my “allowable” food items, if I can’t find resources close to home for things like flour, salt, sugar etc, they’ll be in my 10% non local allowance (oh and coffee… I dont’ think I could survive without coffee)

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@christine215 Thanks for the great link!

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@dpworkin Is it the ingredients or the braiding that make a bread challah? I’ve seen about as many ingredient lists as recipes. YouTube has good braiding tutorials.

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In the US I missed good bread and good cheese.

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@mattbrowne are you saying you can’t get “good” bread and “good” cheese in the United States?

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@mattbrowne Good Bread is definitely available if you do it the old way, shop at a bakery, not the grocery store. You can also find good cheese by shopping at a deli or specialty store like Trader Joe’s or Corti Bros

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