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Is there anyone on Fluther that you rarely interact with but would miss if hey were no longer here?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25280points) July 15th, 2010

There are so many people on Fluther that I hardly ever (or never) interact with but thoroughly enjoy reading their input on Fluther. Who would you miss on Fluther even though you don’t speak to the often?

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Ratboy. Cracks me up. GQ

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Qingu, FireMadeFlesh

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Kevbo, Qinqu, Snarp (I do miss him), laurath, ELTpro

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Gary, AstroChuck, Andrew, Tim, Augustlan, Wundayatta, Chyna, Facade, Qingu, laureth, ETPro, nikipedia, many others.

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I miss babo.

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Facade, ubersiren, and casheroo.

I chat with them on Facebook and Twitter, though.

I miss Grisaille a lot.

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Yeah, Grisaille.

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Where is susanc while we’re on this subject? I do miss her.

@dpworkin I suspect dalepetrie will re-emerge before the next election; al least, I hope so.

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Would anyone miss me?

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@jjmah What do you think, pussycat?

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@janbb I’m sure you’re not the only person wondering this. These types of questions do seem like popularity contests, and I’m sure many people are wondering if they will be mentioned.

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@jonsblond Wondering what?

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@janbb If anyone will miss them

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It’s not so much that it’s a popularity contest as that one leaves out a lot of people accidentally. I already have a much longer list.

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Yes, I agree. I keep thinking of more people and nodding at other people’s lists – and correct spellings.

@jonsblond Yeah, but I think you were addressing jjmah’s wondering.

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For instance, I’ll bet everyone misses Kak.

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Bo Bo 1946, Chaz Maz, Cruiser, Simone de Whatever, Stranger in a Strange Land, Dr Lawrence. I’d definitely miss reading them. Couple others I can’t recall now.

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Me too. Ah – but there is the question of who would you miss if they were gone and who do you miss and we’re conflating the two.

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Conflating?? Damn; never heard that word before now. Sounds like the word for blowing up an innertube.

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Lots of jellies. I’ll log in, cruise around and see a comment from a user I hadn’t read in awhile and go, “great- they didn’t completely disappear!” Fluther is my secret hub of worldly sparks.

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Absolutely. :)

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I don’t interact on a personal basis with anyone really here on Fluther, but I would definitely miss a lot of them if they were to suddenly disappear. So many people here have such great insight and responses to questions here, either mine or those of other jellies.

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Allie. She is the rainbow on my deviated septum.

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Actually, this Q is about jellies you’d miss with whom you don’t interact. People who I PM – and the very few whom I share pictures with and perhaps an email – don’t count in this Q.

It’s not so much a popularity contest as it is saying who you do not interact with outside a thread – but like, and would miss.

I still don’t know if ratboy is, in fact, a rat or a boy. And where she is from.

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I second all the Grisaille mentions, where the hell is that guy?

@johnpowell I doubt you rarely interact with Allie.

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@J0E He’s around. I talk to him on skype regularly. He’s just busy with stuff.

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There are several.

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Raginglolli, to name just one.

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There are so many just in my fluther alone with whom I do not interact but would miss.
To list a dozen would be to fail to mention dozens more.

As I get to know more of you better, (I’ve only been here 7 months), I’ll value even more of you highly. I’m going to have to start keeping notes.

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Judochop. I talk to him sometimes, but not nearly often enough to say we really interact, but it would suck ass if he wasn’t here anymore.

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Okay, so know one would miss me. sniff. That’s okay..sniff. I like Fluther enough to miss myself if I wasn’t here..waahhhh!!.

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There’s so many flutherites whose input I’d miss if they weren’t here. Far too many to mention, which can be only be a good thing :)

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All of the regulars. I really enjoy the crowd here.

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Would never name names! I’ve lots of good friends on Fluther! Any of those,i would miss them!

Some of my AB friends have left and miss them.

I’m also a member of Slate (Today’s Papers). Been a member since 1996. Lots of the original crew is still there. One that stands out was “balls!” A real crusty old guy that would make his point on an issue with humor. He has been gone for several years. Probably the most respected person on the site was Disgusted Vet. Fine person, but he is gone!

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@jonsblond You and @Blondesjon should just get a room already.

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@zenele They were in the same room, but, then she went to get him a beer.

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^ And the rest is history.

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I miss Hossman!

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@Symbeline :: Judo is in the chat a bit. And he lives about ten minutes from me. We agreed to get dinner. We just need to make the plans formal.

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I interact with a lot of jellies here, though I wish it were more of you, and with those I do, not as often as I would like, so such a list would be lengthy and probably full of omissions, so I’ll just list the one’s I don’t give a shit about and could be shark bait, for all I care: @.........! OK, so that list is kind of short. But, since there is some conflating going on here…..
I miss my buddy, the only jelly that was actually invited to Sherry’s and my wedding, @Grisaille (unfortunately, his visit to Los Angeles did not coincide with the wedding date).
I also miss the one I call “the archetypical jelly” whose answers were always (well, damn near always) perfect and not just effective, but also efficient (in the fewest words possible with impeccable grammar and spelling), @cwilbur (comes and goes….may yet return).
And of course, sweet cak and that damn monkey, among many others. That list is sadly much too long.
See ya…....Gary/wtf

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