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Fake Body Parts. How many fakes are on your body?

Asked by Aster (19984points) July 15th, 2010

Porcelain crowns? One. Breast implants? One
category for those.
Acrylic nails? One for a set. Chin/cheek implant? One for each. There could be others. How many fake-o’s do You have? I have two.

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Nothing, unless you count tooth fillings.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

1. My hair is colored.

NaturallyMe's avatar

Oh, i have coloured hair too if that counts. So…..2 for me?

chyna's avatar

Lens implant.

Aster's avatar

Colored hair? I have 3 then. lol

Fly's avatar

Zero- I am 100% natural. :)
Although a lot of people think that I have fake boobs and eyelashes.

Aster's avatar

@NaturallyMe I laughed at that one! I Might have 4 in that case but I really am not sure if I have anymore fillings. So many caps.

chyna's avatar

@Fly Those are your boobs? :-)

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

100 percent factory original.

jazmina88's avatar

1 brokedown palace here except some pins in a shoulder.
I want to become bionic woman #2 and look like 7

chyna's avatar

@Adirondackwannabe Those obliques are real? lol

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@chyna As real as they get. :)

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The only organic thing in my body is my ultra powerful brain.

DominicX's avatar

Nothing. I had one filling when I was 10, but it was on a baby tooth that fell out. Everything is natural. :)

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I have two fake teeth (acrylic crowns and the metal poles keeping them in my gums). I also had purified cadaver bone implanted into my own mouth, but after a while that became my own bone somehow due to mystical biological processes. Other than that I’m all natural!

Dutchess_III's avatar

Well, I had laser surgery to correct my eyesight. Does that count? And dental work….

Vunessuh's avatar

I just have acrylics and I dye my hair.

tedibear's avatar

2 crowns and dyed hair. Otherwise, it’s all me.

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

I have a breast implant in my forehead.
Dare to be different! ;)

casheroo's avatar

Contacts and fillings.

LuckyGuy's avatar

I have mesh and titanium staples to repair a hernia.

Jude's avatar

One crown (after a root canal), and a few fillings.

zenele's avatar

I’ve had an unsuccessful frontal lobotomy.

chyna's avatar

^^ I’m a witness to this.

Jude's avatar

Unsuccessful, yes.

tinyfaery's avatar

I have a few crowns. Other than that, the only other body modifications I have are tattoos and piercings.

Kayak8's avatar

3 crowns and that’s it

meagan's avatar

My tan is fake and my hair color is fake. And I guess a fake nose if you consider any kind of surgery to make you “fake”.

gailcalled's avatar

I have a teeny titanium prosthesis to replace the stapes bone (I fractured it during a bad fall) in my ear. It is charming but doesn’t work. so I use a hearing aid.

A few crowns. My hair is virgin…never been either permed or colored.

netgrrl's avatar

I have a few crowns and a few tattoos in discrete places. Other than that, nothing.

stardust's avatar

A couple of fillings and a dyed mane. Other than that, I’m au natural.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@netgrrl I didn’t know tattoos counted as something fake on my body…then I have a lot more to add.

chyna's avatar

I’m thinking a tattoo is an addition not a fake body part, but that’s just me.

Berserker's avatar

I don’t even comb my hair.

Actually though, other than piercings and dyed hair, nothing. Except for that weird school of slugs that seems to have nested on my side…

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I have fillings in my teeth and altered boobs. A few piercings and tattoos.

netgrrl's avatar

@Simone_De_Beauvoir I guess they don’t, really. I just felt so… vanilla having nothing more than dental work!

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100% natural though I’m tossing around the idea of some haircolor for the fall/winter.

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@chyna I’m flagging your (skinny) butt – personal attack. You too, whatsyourface for agreeing with her.

Oh, oh – and on the subject of fake: Here’s my fake smile :-)

Jude's avatar

@zenele I’ll kiss your bald head once the stitches have healed. :)

zenele's avatar

^ You can kiss me all over, whatsyourface. Flattery will get you in my pants.

chels's avatar

One filling and one composite (thanks to a chipped tooth a few weeks ago).

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I have an artificial lens, one crown, a shoulder rebuilt (poorly) with pieces of my pelvis and vanadium screws.

I use APOs (ankle foot orthotics to walk) and bifocal lenses so I can see where I am.

I am seeking a recovering anorexic who needs a fat transplant.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

Don’t breast implants count as two?

chyna's avatar

@zenele I’m flagging your (skinny) butt.
That is a personal attack! How do you know it’s skinny? :-)

chels's avatar

Oh yeah, I forgot my tattoo. wtflol

zenele's avatar

@chyna Uh, because you’ve mentioned it. He he and now we do.

zenele's avatar

Has your cat gotten loose again? Oh my.

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