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What causes Knee Pain? What is the best method of reducing/eliminating it?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) March 20th, 2008

Can anyone list causes for chronic knee pain (e.g. Injury, Arthritis, Displaced Cartilage) and what type of treatment works best for it?

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This should really be between you and your doctor. Sorry, but I don’t feel comfortable answering this.

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I just read a billboard that said for every 1lb of weight you loose, it takes 4lbs of pressure off of your knees. I thought that was a pretty amazing statistic.

The sponsor was Tylenol.

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For me, personally, inactivity makes my joints hurt. I try to stay active, which is hard since I’m addicted to fluther.

I’ve been skateboarding for almost thirteen years, and that is pretty rough on your knees. Especially skating vert (halfpipes), because you try to slide out on your knees.

If it’s a very persistent pain, with constant fluid on your knee, then I would go to the doctor. It might be time for a new knee, or two. My left knee is plastic, and the right one isn’t far away!

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There are several things that can cause knee pain. As the others suggested, it’s best to consult with your doctor to see what is causing yours. I am currently recovering from knee surgery. I had two torn meniscus , arthritis, and a divot in my patella (kneecap). The surgeon repaired the tears, and took stem cells from bone marrow in my thigh to transplant into the divot. But some people can feel better with rest and ice, depending on the cause of their pain. The best thing to start with in finding out the cause of your is an xray, and then possibly an MRI, Here is a link with some good information that will help you ask questions when you see your doctor.

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