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Are there sites that I could back up some photos for free?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) July 15th, 2010

I just filled up a memory stick, and I want to start backing my pictures up online instead of on a memory stick because it’s kind of expensive and I fill them up really fast. I want a site that is free I can back up only my pictures, not the entire computer. Or am I asking too much?

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tinypic is good.

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@wgallios Can just anybody see your photos? Or do you have to give somebody a link or something like that?

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I believe you can set photos to both private so only you can see, and public so you can essentially provide someone a link to look at/download; also public photos I believe are searchable as well.

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You should not use memory sticks to backup anything. Those things have a tendency to die suddenly and you would loose all those pics. There are many places that allow you to backup online for free, such as drop box or mozy. Most sites only give you 1 or 2 gigs for free, and you have to pay for additional space.

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Picasa. (It’s a Google deal. I think you get 2Gb.)

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Flickr is a great site!

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Flickr is a great site, but I’m reluctant to use Yahoo things because it can’t remember my password. I log out and when I try to get back in, even 2 minutes later, it says I’m using the wrong password.

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Really? It doesn’t do that for me, strange.

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@ChocolateReigns you may need to consolidate accounts from old yahoo mail and im accounts and flickr. Thats what I did and put the word flickr in the short new name so I would not forget. [I later got a new and different Yahoo IM] — I never log out of flickr, checking keep me logged in
I really like flickr

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2GB free
20GB $5.00/year

I gave up on Flickr because with a free account, you can only see 200 pictures
Your older photos are in there somewhere. But good luck finding them. They might as well be deleted.
Is fabulous, everyone should sign up.
I am not kidding, just sign up.
2GB free
You earn more free space by signing other people up.
If you want an extra 250GB free, send me a private comment and I can send you an invite (we both get an extra 250Gb)

Yes, that is kinda shameless of me, if you don’t like that just sign up for Dropbox without my invite. It is free and everyone I know is very, very happy with the service.

Gawd I sound like a commercial

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