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Tell me something fabulous about the world.

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) July 15th, 2010

I’m losing my faith in mankind, tell me something positive and fabulous that you see in the world.

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That plants can grow and bloom even when trampled.
That rainbows exist.
That despite anything mankind does nature can undo it.
That dogs unconditionally love.

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This evening I found an apparently dead vole, wrapped in its little grass strands, in the place Milo usually leaves gifts.

I got a dust pan and brush and carefully scooped the vole up, in order to dump him in the grass. He was, it seems, playing possum (he sure looked dead to me) and came back to life in a dramatic and startling way. I dropped the dust pan; the vole is happily getting on with his affairs.

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children and dogs

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Sadly, I cannot think of one single thing.

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Nature/animals are beautiful. (I love the Blue Heron, dammit. Makes me cry every time)

Children laughing. People who are there to fend for those who cannot fend for themselves.

Those individuals with beautiful hearts.

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I have people who I love in my life and they love me and I think that is amazing.

It is summer and everything is alive and blooming and growing and green and beautiful.

We are all made out of stardust.

Want to tell us what’s wrong? Lots of good listeners here. Or stop by the chat room!

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There ARE more good and caring people than bad and negative!

The world is beautiful, MAGIC, just LOOK! :-)

Nobody is singled out by God or the universe, and nothing is personal, meaning that if someones an ass, they are an ass to everybody not just you! lol

Every life form has it’s trials ( refer to @gailcalled ‘s Vole ) haha

You can find good or bad in anything, the choice is yours.

YES! @nikipedia We ARE all made of stardust!

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SuperMouse is in it!

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My dog and some of my family! some!

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This story gives me a little more faith in humanity.

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On Larry King Live tonight, there was a lady that has dedicated her life to saving dogs that people abuse. Tried to find a link, but could not!

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@tinyfaery wow….now, there is a good man!

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When we’re long gone from either having destroyed ourselves through war or by falling like flies to famine and disease, ants, vultures and flowers will still rule the world.

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Ronald Reagan is still dead.

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Never lose your faith in mankind as it is here for a purpose. Whenever you need to see something positive and fabulous, just look at nature. Really take a good look at nature.

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Go outside with a magnifying glass. Get down on your hands and knees. Look closely at the ground and you well get a glimps into another world. A world as oblivious to us as we are to it. Tiny insects, arachnids scury about engaged in there own lives. Scrape the surface of the soil and you may observe nematodes, insect pupae, more tiny insects, mites, etc but there is so much more that that is there that you won’t be able to see without a microscope. You can go on a little micro-adventure in your back yard looking under bushes and rocks. Do it at night with a heat lamp also. Warning: people who see you will think that you are a bit weird so it might be a good idea to do this type of investigations while no one is around. Good hunting!

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8000 people are members of New York Cares!

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@gondwanalon I loved checking out bugs under rocks and logs when I was little. Some of the things you see are quite impressive. Sometimes it’s gross, but quite fascinating. It just sucked that most of the residents ran off or went into hiding when I disturbed their habitat.
I wonder if we’d do the same if some alien decided to vapourize the Statue of Liberty just for the hell of it.

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Holding a baby always makes me appreciate life.

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Beautiful skies, beautiful waters, beautiful animals, beautiful people.
Laughing hysterically ‘til you have stomach cramps
Being born; dying.

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For some reason, there is a large concentration of extremely attractive women in Sweden.

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romance isn’t dead, i promise.

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Something that always makes me feel better is knowing that around 21 years ago, there was a man who wanted to help a woman he had never met have children. He donated sperm and my mom picked his description out of a book and he became my biological father. If it wasn’t for his kind act, I wouldn’t be here and that always makes me happy. :)

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That’s mah new baby, she is currently climbing all over my head and shoulders. :)

That’s all I got right now, I’m in a human hating slump too.

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@asmonet What a cutie!

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@asmonet aww kitteh! She looks like a younger version of @Facade‘s new kitteh (check out her avatar).

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@nikipedia THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

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Once in a great while someone will create music or sing or even dance in such a way that can match the beauty of nature.
A puppy or a kitten or a baby curled up next to you as they sleep making little soft noises.
Watching the sun rise over the ocean water or between mountain tops. Breath taking and hopeful.
A kind gesture from a stranger.
(Had a friend who broke down and had a flat tire. It was shredded. And it was late at night. She had no money to replace it and it was her spare. A stranger saw she was stranded on a deserted road and drove her to a gas station and paid for her tire. Took her back to her car and put the tire on for her. She wanted his address so she could repay him. He told her not to worry about it and told her to buy a spare before she end up stranded again.)

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@asmonetkitteh! want!

Another thing: Spanky McFarland was born, lived to be three and there was sound film in 1931 to capture him.

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Wow! You are all so awesome. l think that you are all excellent examples of what and all that is good in life. Thanks for fluthering.

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No matter what adversities befall someone, things are never worse than bad. And what doesn’t kill you, doesn’t kill you. Those are two good things, right?

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I’ve always felt Woody Allen hits the nail on the head with this lovely monologue in “Manhattan” ...

Isaac Davis (Woody Allen):
“Why is life worth living? It’s a very good question. Um… Well, There are certain things I guess that make it worthwhile. uh… Like what… okay… um… For me, uh… ooh… I would say… what, Groucho Marx, to name one thing… uh… um… and Wilie Mays… and um… the 2nd movement of the Jupiter Symphony… and um… Louis Armstrong, recording of Potato Head Blues… um… Swedish movies, naturally… Sentimental Education by Flaubert… uh… Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra… um… those incredible Apples and Pears by Cezanne… uh… the crabs at Sam Wo’s… uh… Tracy’s face…”

There are so many wonderful things to savor in this world…

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@jjmah My kitten’s only 3 months…...and is being very bad right now. I’m too tired for this bull lol

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@Samantha_Rae ummm…do you have a big smile on your face? loll…

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Love. I love you, girlie.

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Ohhh, I just remembered my favorite. CHOCOLATE KISSES!

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Oh, yes all my children and my grandchildren and my mother all wonderful living beings.

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Something fabulous about the world.. Hmm.. Well we have people like @Dog in this world <3 and she’s pretty fucking fabulous.

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Human beings seem to be, on the surface at least, nothing more than a random series of chemical reactions and subatomic relationships and it is truly a miracle that anything as wondrous as us could possibly exist.

That said, we write poetry, make art, build skyscrapers, put robots on Mars, and quantify our own psyches.

That’s pretty damn fabulous if you ask me.

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All I think about now is birth (b/c I am 35 weeks pregnant). THe most fascinating thing I have learned lately concerns the female body. If a woman has twins and one is warm and one is cold, she can solve this issue using her body. She can hold one baby on either side of her chest. The side that is holding the cold baby will warm to appease and comfort him. The other side of her chest (with the warm baby) will cool down for the same reason. In other words, a woman’s body can self-regulate temperature on two different sides of one body part b/c that is what the mom’s baby requires. That amazes me.

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Well, I have to recant. The little vole that apparently got away didn’t. When I returned from errands this morning, I found him belly-up on the driveway (with a small bite taken out of it) and definitely gone to the great Vole Heaven.

On the other hand, my oncologist gave me a clean bill of health after breast cancer 14 years ago. I can even skip the yearly pap. (And start to breathe again.)

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Good new about your results, @gailcalled.

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@gailcalled Is skipping the yearly pap akin to skipping the light fantastic?

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Good and happy news for you!

I was just joking with a friend the other day after several weeks of animal medical stuff tallying up a handsome tab.
Cat grooming and a 6 month supple of Frontline and vet exam, my goose who has been in & out of the docs and is on anti-inflamatories, glucosemine and omega fatty acids, for a joint problem, that maaaybe “I” should go in for my pap & mammo. lolol

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Congratulations Gail.

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@gailcalled, that’s fantastic news! Congrats!

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More than a million lives were saved by the international community after the 2004 tsunami. The number of people donation money was fabulous. The aid workers focused on sanitation reconstruction efforts and the supply of clean drinking water. On this scale such an effort would have been impossible in 1970 or 1900. It’s progress going unnoticed.

Another good example are worldwide vaccinations. People seem to notice when people die. Not when they live.

Therefore we have good reasons to keep our faith in mankind. And apply critical thinking when media prefer bad news to please their shareholders.

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@gailcalled—I am so glad for you, I imagine that it is a tremendous relief and maybe even youfeel kinda of exihilirated with a zest for life that you maybe did not feel before the news, due to the state of unknown facts before getting your good results.
@ mattbrowne—you are so right about the common air of how the media feeds on the negative more than the positive. Maybe we could all collaborate some ideas to help make a difference.

The is a wonderful start by answering the question to @SuperMouse and letting you know that many of us out there think of the wonderful life has enriched us and what some of us are composed of.

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