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Are you frightened by the terrifying new drug which is sweeping our defenceless children?

Asked by SmashTheState (14228points) July 15th, 2010

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is warning parents about a horrifying new drug which causes young people to experience something experts in the narcotics enforcement business refer to as “fun.” This new narcotic is referred to as DIGITAL DRUGS and can be downloaded at no cost from teh Intartubes, that cesspit of subversive filth.

Please, take away your children’s iPods, cellphones, laptops, headphones, and ear canals before it’s too late!

Are you frightened yet? What steps will you take to protect your children from these horrifying iDrugs?

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The day a government entity knows what’s best for anyone is the day I dig up my grandfather’s corpse to have sex with it.

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My kids prefer getting stoned to listening to that crap.

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All I can do is shake my head.

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….... are you fucking kidding me

Btw it doesnt work. I-doser is a scam.

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Oh, here comes a new campaign for Sarah Palin. LOL
I agree with @uberbatman. I think this is just some stupid scam. How such an annoying sound can make a person high is beyond me. In all likelyhood these kids where probably high when they were listening to it.
So they are right. Kids who listen to it are likely to try other drugs once they find out that it doesn’t provide the high they were looking for.
Some kid probably started the rumor when he created something he thought was music when High.

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Hahaha. Reefer madness!

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I-doser is a scam, dammit. Luckily, I didn’t pay for it, i just wasted an hour of my life.

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@filmfann See if you didn’t destroy some brain cells already you would’ve figured out it was going to be a waste of time. LOL
(just teasing you)
Kids get off the crack, or you too will waste your time on ridiculous sounds.

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And risk drain bammage.

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I feel i should add it is a shame i-doser is a scam as binaral beats are real and do have effects (not dangerous like the video has one believe) I tried all of the i-doser things one day when i was really bored. Nitrous was the only one to have any effect and it was super minimal, i really think i was just willing it on at that point though.

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If by terrifying new drug you mean the fundies, then yes.

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Seriously, someone please post a link to the file so I can try this out. There’s no way it’s real, but I’ll try anything once.

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If this stuff has any effect, it’s placebo. Never underestimate the power of placebo.

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^ that’s exactly what a druggie would say! :P

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Oh yeah, the silly binaural beats thing eh! It’s fucking hilarious seeing parents get their panties and manties in a twist because of this. I can only hope the kiddies jump on the band wagon here in Canada and stop buying weed, then the price will drop for me. Sadly I don’t think anyone here is that dumb. That and we love our ganja.

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“Digital drugs” do not work. This is nothing more then a placebo effect. I have gotten more high off of nutmeg. In fact I do not think binaural beats work for anything they claim. I will admit some may have a strange effect if you are already high/stoned off of something else. People in the 60’s “tripped” from banana peels too.

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@Jabe73 nutmeg has very very real effects though. It shoudlnt be fucked with lightly, its a very very dark and shitty trip if you actually got a substantial dose.

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@uberbatman I tried it one time. Nothing great happened when I was awake but I did manage to sleep somehow and I had real strange dreams from it. I felt like garbage the next morning. Nutmeg wasn’t worth the effort. As far as “digital drugs” go, I think you can get a unique effect from them say if you are already ripped from something else but I don’t think binaural beats actually make you “high” themselves. I think many of the other claims made by the people selling this stuff are false as well, such as quitting smoking, better memory, shyness and a whole host of other far out claims.

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