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Did you switch from an iPhone to an Android phone or vice versa?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) July 15th, 2010

What were your reasons for the switch? Did you have issues with Apple or your carrier? Do you regret your decision at all? Can you also indicate weather you consider yourself tech savvy or not.

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No switching for me. 4 is the third iPhone I’ve had and I love it (notwithstanding all its bad publicity). I tried using a BlackBerry my office gave me but found it too small for my fingers. I’m a gadget freak, by the way. I bought Motorola’s first so-called mobile phone in the 90s (“The Brick”) and since then have owned many cell phones. The iPhone is far and away my fave.

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I just got an Android phone, and am very excited about it. It’s amazing to be able to have one little thing that make calls, take pictures or video, direct me to a location, show me a map of the area I’m interested in, keep my shopping list, record and edit audio, send me streams of music that I almost always like, and give me access to the radio shows I like, and do it wherever I go (except inside large cement buildings). I’m sure it can do a lot more, but those are the main things I need right now.

I heard yesterday that the iPhone can not run more than one app at once, which seems odd to me. Also, the iPhone is limited to one phone service, which also seems odd. They said the service might be expanded to Verizon.

My phone is not perfect, of course. Some of the apps will crash and I have to reboot the entire thing in order to get them to work. Sometimes it can’t find my memory card. My salespeople says it’s a good idea to take the battery out and reinstall it every week or two.

It is set up to have a constant connection with my personal and work email, and I can open another email account at the same time, which is better than my computer can do without opening multiple browsers.

I know iPhone has a lot of cachet, but my MyTouch is pretty darn cool, too.

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@wundayatta The iPhone 4 allows for more multitasking, though from what I here it still isn’t 100%. And while you can run iOS 4 in the iPhone 3, it is limited by the lesser hardware. Plus, the ability to surf any site is nice; iPhones won’t do Flash, so some sites are off-limits.
I have seen it confirmed in a few places that the iPhone is going to Verizon; no “might be” about it.

@Austinlad I’ve tried a few Blackberries and I can’t blame you for moving away from them :P

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I had an iPod Touch for more than a year, which does everything an iPhone does except make calls. I loved that thing. Then, being on Verizon, I got an Android phone. It blew me away. I thought my iPod Touch could do a lot, it doesn’t even compare to Android. Quite honestly, the iPod Touch felt like a childs toy compared to the Android. This was before the iPhone 4…but I don’t think much has changed.

I write about tech for a website…

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Yeah, I thought my iPod Touch was cooler before I got my Droid X with it’s huge screen that fits my large hands better.

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Waay back in the day I started with a Motorola product as Motorola was an American company and it was the most compact phone available. Silly, silly me was sure all I would do was make calls on it.

Then I discovered the computerlike interface of Samsung flip phones. I owned 4 over time.

The last one I had, the a717 was impressively thin with an all matte black cover. I was able to install Opera’s very desktop-like browser known as Opera Mini. It even had a landscape mode and arrow cursor.

And then there was iPhone, never looked back.

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