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They say there is a thin line between love and hate do you think this?if so why

Asked by oneye1 (745points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone
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I think there is a thin line between love and hate because to have love, there has to be hate. Its like you can’t know what love is until you know what hate is and vice-versa. And even if you think you hate someone, there is always the chance that you are crazy about them, and if you think you love someone there is always a chance that you were caught in the moment and you realize how weird, annoying, insane, creepy, etc. later.

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so you think the opposite of love is hate

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it is. Its all a big paradox. I know that a lot of the guys that I have said that I hated, i turned out to like. And the guys that I like in the beginning I find big flaws in their personality and I don’t like them anymore.

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I’m not saying your wrong but I beleive the opposite of love is selfishness and I do not beleive you can hate someone if you did not love them first they would not have ever been close enough to you

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@ spargett – I agree, they both show passion, and at any point love could turn to hate with one mistake, and hate could turn to love out of nowhere.

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I think that each side is an extreme. If you don’t know/care about someone, it’s hard to hate them (on a personal level, not on general principle [i.e. “I hate George Bush] ). But if you have strong feelings for someone, then the opposite side of the scale would also be strong.

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I agree that you can love someone but then something happens and you could have feelings of hate for them. But I would think that if you loved that person then your “hate” feelings would go away rather quickly and would only be a product of what’s happening at that moment.

I also agree w/oneye1 that the opposite of love is selfishness. I think that when you truly love someone you’d rather see them happy than yourself.

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I think a persons feelings are multifaceted. Hate, love, lust, passion, fear, anger, sorrow. and many other less strong emotions are at the end points with indifference in the center. The emotions are so dynamic and ever changing, I doubt they can be nailed down with black & white answers. A women, whom I care for (maybe love) and I had lunch a few weeks ago. I felt very close to her and cared for her more then I did the day before. This week I called to meet her and she couuldn’t get away because of work issues and I felt slighted and actually felt disappointed with her and it was no way her fault. My feelings changed for no apparent (real) reason.

I doubt if real love turns to real hate very quickly. Some exceptions, like Gov Eliot Spitzer’s wife maybe!

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Hate is a very strong and personal word. I have found myself saying I hate that person only to tell my self again that I do not hate but dislike.

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The saying “there is a thin line between love and hate” illustrates the short distance between two emotions, and the situations that can provoke one to cross the line.

For instance; a man who loves his wife dearly, who would die to save her if an intruder invaded their home – comes home to find another man in his bed with his wife. His love literally crosses that thin line – it isnt hard. Now he hates with the same passion that he loved.

This is the meaning of the thin line – they are both very high passions, but they are so similar, and so close to each other that passing from one to the other often takes little provocation.

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I’m not even sure there’s a line at all. I think it is possible to love and hate someone all at the same time. When you have strong feelings for someone, they can easily become confused.

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Hehe, proverbs are not fads. They are based on eons of human experience.

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as the plain white ts say hate is a strong word but I really really dont like you….

The ying and yang of any relationship. Without one you cannot have the other.
They are one but separate in the same.

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Indifference is the opposite of Love.

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Indifference is the opposite to both love and hate. Both love and hate are intense emotions and sometimes we “hate” because our love or our trust has been betrayed.

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