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In acting,is the age of 18 considered an adult?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) July 15th, 2010

I want to cast myself in a movie and the requirements just say men and women should audition.Is 18 considered an adult in acting or does it depend on how I look since most people including agents and casting directors I auditioned for say I look younger for my age.

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people can marry at 16 in UK if they get their parents’ permission and the age at which one is considered an adult in the US is typically 18. In Japan, people under 20 are not allowed to drink alcohol.

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if you have an opportunity to audition, try it. It gives you experience. Maybe there are not many younger parts. but they may remember you.

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Teenagers are often played by young adults. Hell, sometimes 30 year olds play characters in high school. Try auditioning for teen/tween roles.

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The age of majority varies in different states and countries.

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I’m not sure I understand your question.

To sign contracts and take up all the other responsibilities of adulthood, like getting married, being responsible for your bills, etc., the age of majority is 18.

18 is only “underage” in the US when it comes to alcohol consumption. So if you’re 18, and the producers of a film or other show give you a contract, you can legally sign it by yourself, without parental permission (I’d get a good entertainment lawyer to look it over first, though). You’ll also be responsible as an adult for fulfilling the terms of that contract and you can be sued if you don’t..

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I know that you can go to auditions without a parent once you turn 16. Usually open calls are more specific about the age and if they’re not there’s no harm in going.

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go for it. Experience, exposure, maybe they are working on other parts or projects. You’ll meet interesting people, (and likely some jerks). Auditions take courage and persistence and try, try and try again. Break a leg!

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