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When will Euro/USD=3.0 be?

Asked by Dine (233points) March 20th, 2008

See 2007/2008 graph

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hopefully never.

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what graph? where?

I do seem to recall coming across an interesting, yet completely unrelated, chart recently.

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that flow chart is hilarious!

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Never really, even though I’m european and i would love it to happen (not macro-economically speaking of course, because that would mean a total disaster for EU exportation and global economy in itself)

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I like the 5 year inverted graph better… as it shows Euro/USD = ~1.55 now. Looks like the significant upward trending really got going back in Jan ‘06… a 25% increase in that time.

Just plain ole extrapolation on the raw number increase (i.e. very bad math) would suggest almost ten years to reach 3.0. If, instead we were to extrapolate on the percentage (i.e. still very bad), it would be more like six years.

Way too much can happen between now and then. And it’s too easy to lie with statistics anyway.

Still, I agree with @gashgai in that something needs to happen to turn it around. Bad mojo for everyone for the dollar to continue its downward value spiral.

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It’s not the Euro/USD that matters, it’s the Euro/CNY. Peg or no peg, the Yuan will be the currency of choice + 10 years.

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