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How should I go about giving this "gift" to the girl I like?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 16th, 2010

Okay sorry for the title,but I was saying…. Before school ended for me (going back somewhere in august) I was going to give Amber an oragami heart. It says “open it. There’s something inside it for you.” It had some 3 love haikus describing her, if I lost her, and how I feel about her. I was going to give it too her. But since she had to go so soon I couldn’t give it to her… (I wanted her to sign my Yearbook too sadly) So. I kept it thinking of the day I will give it to her. But the point is. I’m shy and scared to give it to her. I don’t want her to think of me in a weird way since you know…I’ve liked her since 5th grade and all…Just how would I get over my scared/shyness and give it to her? Would giving it to a friend to give it to her be an option?

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Nothing ventured nothing gained. Most teenage girls are shy as well.
Worse case senario is she shoots you down. Other girls she tells will find it romantic and see you in a different light. You’ll become popular for being romantic, thoughtful and courageous.
Other guys will admire your bravery.
Best case senario, she feels the same way.
Don’t use a go between. You’ll lose the bravery status you would gain.

Oh, unless you know she knows how Haikus works and likes them, a poem that ryhmes may work better.

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I can’t add anything better than what @pandora already wrote you.

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@Pandora One hundred honorary lurves for that answer.

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Unless you have a connection via an established friendship or at the very least casual acquaintance, a gift of love poems could be a bit much to spring on a girl out of the blue. Best case is she is flattered, worst case is she freaks and tells all her friends about the stalker dude. Evaluate where you stand…perhaps there is a reason you haven’t expressed your interest yet that only you know why.

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