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Is there a cosmetic surgery procedure where they close your belly button?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) July 16th, 2010

Basically, is there a procedure where your navel gets closed off and essentially is removed from your body and if so, could you provide any resources of any kind that would assist those that would want to get this procedure done.

You see lots of navel piercings nowadays but the way society is going there is bound to be some people that would like their navel sealed off and removed from them forever.

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I can’t back this up – but I do know that a boy that I went to highschool with did not have a navel. Obviously he must have been born with one, but for whatever reason he didn’t have one in his teens. So it must be possible. Though, I suspect only if necessary… maybe in relation to some other trauma/surgery.

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I am sure it is possible, however, you would end up with a scar anyway. Between a navel and a scar, I would choose the navel over the scar any day.

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I had a friend who required major abdominal surgery back in the late 60s or early 70s and he ended up with no belly button. The scar really disappeared after a number of years (and a rather hairy belly).

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In a tummy tuck your belly button may be removed (they don’t usually do this but I’m guessing that would be the only procedure to remove your belly button)

However, It’s pretty much impossible if you don’t have a huge flabby belly and therefore skin to remove. It’s a really dangerous procedure if the skin is stretched too tight (because there isn’t enough skin in the first place and therefore no need for a tummy tuck or because the surgeons are awful and remove too much skin). They staple the skin back together and the patient would be left with a huge scar and there’s risk of infection (I tried to find a photo but This will have to do)

I’m not sure why you ask this question as I’ve never heard of anyone wanting their belly button removed but hopefully this helps.

Here’s some information for people in the UK:

And for anyone considering surgery:
have counseling before considering it
find a reputable clinic and surgeon (see the link above) – do background checks on them
meet the surgeon in the consultation period, ask about his skills and training and ask to see before + afters of his previous work
find out all you can about the specific risks of the procedure from the surgeon and your own research
ask what level of aftercare you can expect to receive from the clinic – you will need to stay under their care until you feel well enough to go home, where you should rest and have family/friends there, the clinic should also be easily contactable
don’t sign up for anything straight away, go away and think about it. do not be tempted by price offers to sign up there and then.

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Orson Welles had surgery, and afterward, he had no navel, so it can be done.
I don’t know the nature of the surgery.

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A belly button is a scar, remember?

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here is an article about a model who appears to have no belly button. The article also talks about the reasons why some people don’t have a navel and about the cosmetic procedures that can be done on a navel. Hope this helps!

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@Kayak8 Interesting, please go on.

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@filmfann Prove your unsubstantiated claim with substantiated evidence please!

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I read that years ago. I believe it was Peter Bogdanovich who revealed it. I am trying to find a link.

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I think I found something, and it wasn’t Welles. It was Hitchcock.
Which makes sense to me, since I was reading biographies of both of them at about the same time.

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