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Who is or was the best pound for pound boxer of all time.

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone


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Roy jones jr before he moved up in wieght

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who you think axle

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I have got to agree with you. However I think Henry Armstrong was the governor.

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off topic are you a big Beverly hills cop fan or what

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No why do you ask.

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My name is Foley, and everyone calls me Axle.

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eddie murphy in beverly hills cop was axil foley I beleive

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Cassius Clay AKA Ali

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I know he’s not a boxer, but more of a fighter….. Kimbo Slice. Youtube it.

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I count Muhamed Ali as a hero of mine. His life story us amazing. Yet, he is as human as anyone. If you’re interested, read Mailer’s book, The Fight. Also, the documentary about his fight with George Foreman (am I getting this right) is super cool. Watching Ali get battered round after round, taking everything Foreman has to offer, then reaching deep to turn the tide kind of leaves you speechless.

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Ali, no doubt about it.

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I think the name of the documentary is,“When We Were Kings.” Personally, I find it fascinating.

I’ve also read a biography on Sonny Liston who is about as flawed and tragic a person can be.

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what about Joe Glass?

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My dad was briefly a professional boxer, and worked out and trained in New York City with many of the big names. He was always a big boxing fan. He always said pound for pound Sugar Ray Robinson was the best all-around boxer.

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