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Is it better to leave a single cat at home and have a sitter look in or take it to a vet kennel?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) July 16th, 2010

I have a very social, cuddly cat and am going out of town for the weekend. Should I leave her in the house by herself and have a sitter look in on her once or twice a day or should I send her to the kennel at our vet where she will be in a cage? It is supposed to be really hot this weekend and we don’t have A/C. Are cats known for being able to stand heat? They evolved from desert animals, right? Should she stay or should she go?

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When i go away from home for holidays i ask for a sitter, usually my parents or a neighbour.
That way she stays in her known environment and (hopefully) feels okay, as opposed to be in an unknown place like a vet kennel.
Make sure, if you can, to ask a sitter who has a thing for pets.
One time a neighbour took care of her who was a very busy woman who had almost no time to look in and give her food and water, let alone spend some petting time with her.
The pussycat was quite stressed when i returned.
About the heat thing i can’t tell you much, just ask a (potential) sitter to do the same things while you are away, that you would do yourself to make sure that kitty is okay.

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My cats are inside/outside cats. They have a secret way to get in and out by themselves. Through a basement window I think. I just leave them enough food and water for the weekend and forgeddaboudit. BUT, if your cat isn’t used to fending for himself, and would pine away from loneliness and confusion I’d say have some one look in on him and give him reassurances….

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I think a single cat would be much happier if left at home with a sitter to check in on him/her

you don’t know how he or she would react if you’ve never kenneled him or her, so why put you and the kitty through that?

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Sitter?! If it’s trained to use a litter box, just leave a big bowl of food and water out, and clean the litter box before you leave. Cats are pretty self-managing. It’s probably going to sleep most of the time.

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I asked a similar question a while back.

Much better to have people come and check—the environment change is stressful.

Don’t worry about the heat. Just make sure your sitter checks the water levels.

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@jfos I feel that way too, but my cats are pretty rough and tumble, ‘cause that’s how I raised them! It really depends on the cat.

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I think she would be happpier at home.
Get a sitter. kitties can take pretty good care of themselves.

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Yeah. Vet kennels would be far more traumatizing. Geez. This is like having a child! How long till the cat is old enough to move out on his own??!! :)

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Leave her at home. Have someone look in on her every day or 2.

You may want to leave a radio on so there is some noise. Talk shows work better for me with my dogs than music stations.

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I have always left my cat (s) home alone with checkins form friends, neighbors or an agreed upon pet sitter routine.

I would leave multiple bowls of water and fans on for the kitty…preferably with open windows too.

Won’t make much dif. in the temp during the day, but with fans going it will make a dif. during the night!

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I don’t know much about cats, but I’d just like to add that the person checking in on the cat should be someone that the cat knows and trusts, so she doesn’t freak out when somebody new comes in.

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I don’t take my kitties to kennels and things, i like to leave them at home where they’re comfortable and love their environment – they’ll hate going to a kennel surrounded by strange cats and smells and strange people – and it’ll put stress on them, which i’m not willing to do to them.
Fortunately we’ve always lived either close to my or my husband’s parents, and our siblings live close by too, so we’ll ask one of them to feed our kitties once a day. I believe it’s much better for them that way.

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If it’s just for the weekend, you don’t need anyone to check in on her. Just leave a big bowl of food and water, a clean litter box, and she’ll be fine. Cats can take care of themselves, and pet sitters are just there to refill the food (for cats, not dogs).

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I suggest a sitter to stop by at least once a day, and I would leave the TV on to keep her company.

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You can leave a window in the house, cracked open somewhere for ventilation, right?

Leave the cat extra water, and in a couple extra places.
And extra food, and clean litter.

She’ll be fine. She’d hate a kennel, and doesn’t really need a sitter. And this is the choice she would have made if she could talk to you, outside of you just staying home.

Before you leave, do a safety check of the home.

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