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If you could replace your eyes with robot eyes, would you?

Asked by discountbatteries4you (8points) July 16th, 2010

Imagine money is NO object (government sponsored program).

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Need more info. What can these robot eyes DO?

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Replace my eyes with robot eyes, or be able to see like a robot?

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Absolutely. They would be able to zoom in increduble distances, have a targetting system and other such things.

If I could I would get the one eye and arm like that one cyborg off of treasure planet.

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Sorry, more details: I was thinking zoom in ability, perhaps connect to wifi and display relevant data about objects like terminator robot perhaps, no more tears….

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A pair of Six Million Dollar Man eyes that are guaranteed to work and low maintenance? Yes, I’d be interested. Superman vision? No thanks…there are just some things I’d rather not see.

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As much as I would love the idea, I would opt for no =/ those are my eyes; I only get 1 pair.

I would go for some cool robo-shades though.

@Pied_Pfeffer how about selective superman vision?

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At the rate my eyesight is fading I would put my name on the waiting list for sure!

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Actually it would be cool to have a 3d grid overlaid on top of everything, in the classic green, then when I target something it could zoom it and show a grid od the whole thing, and it would hilight red over something and display info when I want tom know about something.

On and off modes too.

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When it gets to the point when I can no long find my glasses or when my eyes, no matter how well assisted no longer give me the richness of information I have always valued, then I would consider it. My nervous system is set up to process the kind of information preprocessed by my human eyes.
I would miss that kind of input greatly.

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I might want to in a few more years. As it is, my eyes don’t focus properly, and never have. I now much keep my computer screen magnified, and wear magnifying glasses over my regular prescription lenses, which are very thick.

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Only temporarily when allergies set in!

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No, never. (except maybe if mine decide to not work anymore, then MAYBE i’d consider it). I don’t like those sorts of invasive procedures, i’d really have to think about it, especially the cons.

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If the alternative is blindness, yes.

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No, I already like my eyes. The biggest compliments I get from women are how nice my eyes are.

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Being already blind in one eye and having poor vision in the other, I’d jump at the chance.

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