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If you were creative and crafty, and could sew yourself any type of clothing in any type of fabric, regardless of price, what styles would you sew for yourself?

Asked by jca (36025points) July 16th, 2010

hypothetical – in a perfect world: if you could make any type of clothing for yourself, what would you make? price of fabric and trim would not be an issue. you would have the skills to make anything.

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Um. Flowing sixties stuff….

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I would sew Edwardian clothing…with lovely Edwardian hats.

And then I would move forward into retro 50’s cinched waisted, big bouffant, crinoline dresses for every day….polka-dotted and or cherry fabrics.

I love the hats that Harrison Fisher and Dana Gibson girls wore….love hats. Period. Wear them as often as I can get away with it.

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40’s and 50’s dresses with corsets/structured support. I love that look and it loves me. They’re hard to find in my size and even harder to afford.

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@gemiwing Didn’t they have some awesome, awesome taste in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s? So elegant!

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Ooh ooh me please, i’d have baroque. All flouncy & faffy, yeah suit me down to the ground.

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This style, but not that color. Jewel tones.

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Chanel copies. Anything Neiman Marcus.

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Roman silk gowns.

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short sundresses…....thats what I want this summer.

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I would make all my boyfriend’s pricey suits for work

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I’d make a lot of asymmetrical dresses that combine sheer and solid or contrasting fabrics, and use a lot of diagonal lines. Here’s an example. I also really like one-shoulder of off the shoulder tops and warm muted colors like mauve, dusty rose, or rust.

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I’m with Aster. I’d make every design CoCo Chanel had! Oooooooh, yummmy.

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that’s because I’ve already worn the great 50s and 60s stuff when we were in the 50s and 60s. LoL

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A suit that actually fits me properly.

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@Carly- oh me too! That would be even better than anything I could sew myself because man clothes are so expensive for quality tailored stuff.

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