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Data visualization: Any other "Tuftes" out there?

Asked by blippio (398points) March 20th, 2008

I’m looking for other notable contributors/examples in the area of data visualization, strategic modeling, or graphic/interface design…

for reference: Edward Tufte

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I am a huge fan of the New York Times graphics department. I think they do a great job of applying many of Tufte’s core principles to practical and innovative usage and, in my opinion, are leaps and bounds more forward-thinking and effective than any other major news outlet. They succeed in being concise, accurate, aesthetically intriguing, and in editing. I also like that the department, despite being called “Graphics”, employs not only visual artists, but statisticians and scientists as well. Here is an excellent recent Q&A with the Graphics Director, Steve Duenes. This interview also includes some examples of their best work.

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that’s awesome! thanks, jz

you also made me think about the layouts they do in “Good” magazine. They have a way of making things come to life.

From their website: A graphical exploration of the data that surrounds us.

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Check out some of Nicholas Felton’s work at

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sharl- that’s funny, i just heard about this guy, I think he lives in NY. Apparently he puts out annual reports of his own life every year? Nice idea for self promotion.

thanks for the link.

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I’ve just received his Annual Report for 2007, and it’s very nice. Pick up a copy at the site, well worth it as an example of this kind of stuff.

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