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What are you favourite items to order online, and what will you never buy online?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) July 17th, 2010

I like ordering books, beading- and scrapbooking goodies. I want to try ordering my groceries online some time just for fun, haha (because i actually like going out to shop).

I don’t know if i’d buy clothes online, you just never know how it’s going to look on you, some things just need to be tried on first, ya know?

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I bought boots online, once. But it was the same maker and type that I was already wearing so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Other than that, anything I can get cheaper online I’m happy doing it that way. The only thing I don’t like ordering online is stuff that I want now.

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Football shirts from my teams official website store. Fit like a dream never had any problems.

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Books, pet supplies, jewelry, hair products, cosmetics, sundry goods.

I try to stay away from buying clothes online, because I have yet to be successful unless I got to try it on in the store (but maybe they were out of the right color or something).

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My wife bought me a Christmas gift on line. she used her credit card.

I would never do this. especially, to order any type of drug or medication.

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I order threadless t-shirts online. Usually I order them too big and then alter them when I get them. I also shop online when I want specific books and dvds, because it’s easier to find them cheap this way.

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i have ordered books, some stuffed animals, baby stuff and my clothing from Amazon.

i have ordered shoes, clothing and bedding from Kohls and Old Navy.

i don’t like to pay for shipping, so if there’s a way i can get free shipping that’s the only way i’ll order from these sites.

Also, i feel the advantage to shopping in a store is that sometimes you come across an item on clearance that has been marked down to an extremely cheap price. i feel like you probably would not have found that item at that price on the internet.

what i do like about ordering stuff on the internet is knowing that the item has not been opened, picked through or touched by anybody before you. shoes and clothing come in plastic from the manufacturer. books i like knowing they have not been on a shelf opened by all kinds of people before you. bedding i like knowing nobody has opened this comforter bag and taken it out in the store – it came from a warehouse, untouched by shoppers.

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I will never buy vegetables online.

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@jca I hate paying for shipping, too – but I make sure to check it against the cost of a local store. If the cost of buying it at a store, without shipping, is more than it would be for shipping from online, I’ll go ahead and buy it.

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@marinelife – actually, there’s this place somewhere here that grows organic fruits and veggies which you can order online and they’ll deliver for you of course. I wouldn’t mind buying that. Except i think it was a bit more than i was willing to pay for it at that time. However it IS organic, and i’m just not used to shopping for organic yet.

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Books, yarn, music, movies, pet supplies, electronics, lingerie and other clothing, steaks, coffee, tea… probably quite a bit more. I guess the strangest is frozen pinkies & mice for snakes and live mealworms for the water dragons (a lizard).

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Music- CD’s or downloads
Shoes- I price shop for styles I like and catch sales.
Clothes- I price shop for items I like and catch sales.
Books- mostly for gifts because they deliver and wrap.

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I’ve bought a bit of everything online. My favorite thing would be books (which I will now mostly be getting for my Kindle).

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music, christmas presents, pizza, books, clothes,

anything you can google and desire

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I ordered a book set online once, but I’m not really much into buying things.

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Books, pet supplies, jewelry, hair products, cosmetics, furniture, DVD’s, CD’s,
drugs, shoes, tops, underwear—can’t think of Anything I don’t buy! Granola bars,
a new RV (!) , I forgot about that one .

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I always buy my cosmetics online directly from the company. I’d never buy anything edible from the internet, though.

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…bathing suits, 9×12 wool rug, 9×11 wool rug, candles, nail polish….

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@Aster – is there anything else you’d still like to add here….? :P

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