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Am I treating my burn right?

Asked by chelle21689 (6995points) July 17th, 2010

I think I have a second degree burn. It’s pretty big, my leg bumped the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle while hot. It’s brown, wrinkly, and I have a blister full of puss and it keeps popping..keeps forming a new one. It’s been about 2–3 days now…it doesn’t hurt really.

I put neosporin on it and keep it wrapped up in a bandage. What else should I do? Also, how can I prevent it from scarring?

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I would go and see a doctor. A burn that big and deep that doesn’t hurt sounds bad.

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Go to a doctor. it needs to be debraded; that is the top layer taken off. I know because that happened to my son with a lawn mower exhaust and we didn’t go to the doctor. When we went for something else, he saw the burn and debraded it and my son had to continue doing it. Go in soon.

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should I see a dermatologist or family doctor?

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GO SEE THE DOCTOR!!! just in case you didn’t read the first two, family doctor is fine.

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Regular GP is fine.

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I would say the scar is a given.

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I went to urgent care and they basically did what I did….put some antibiotics, kept it covered, gave me a tetanus shot. I’m going to have a scar, but I’m going to put mederma or something. lol he wanted to give the shot on my butt..I don’t know why when the arm was fine.

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