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Is termite extermination safe for household pets?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25308points) July 17th, 2010

We just found out we have termites (ugggh.)
The exterminator is going to come either tomorrow or Monday to take a look… so I’m not sure what the removal entails. I am worried because I have indoor cats and their litter boxes and food are in the basement. Is this something I should be concerned about? What should I expect as far as keeping my pets safe through this process?

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I’d definitely remove the pets and all their supplies for at least 48 hours. But..I do not know for sure the toxicity issues. I would call your vet and maybe poison control.

The exterminators should disclose any dangers, but…they are in the poison biz. so I wouldn’t take thier reassurances as gospel. lol

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I would also worry about keeping you safe, @TheOnlyNeffle. Can you all go somewhere for two days?

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Talk to the exterminator. Only he knows what he’ll be using and how it affects you and your pets.
Maybe you can take a short, local vacation.

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All life, including yours, should be evacuated until the process is over.

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Yikes, this is going to be tricky. Thanks for all of the answers.

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Can you all stay in a local hotel that accepts pets for a couple of days?

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I have 3 cats and 2 dogs.. I’m not sure a hotel room would be enough for us. I am going to see if my parents will let us split the pets up between their houses… and I’m guessing we will probably stay at my father’s house.

I guess it just goes to show that I am not very well prepared for certain things. :)

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@TheOnlyNeffie: And don’t let the guy talk you into a monthly contract.

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@gailcalled thank you for the tip…. I feel like I am in over my head with this one. What a bummer :\

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Ask the termite professional what product he/she will be using. You can then ask him for a copy of the label & msds (or google it to find it online). These documents contain the information you are looking for. Most termiticides go in the floor or the wall so they are not in your house where your pets will be exposed. Some termiticides do require that you not be home when they are being applied. When it comes to termite work, i recommend getting at least 2–3 quotes so you can compare them. If you don’t get a warm and fuzzy from the first guy, definitely get more quotes. Hope this helps.

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