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We you need to go to that quiet place to think, where do you go?

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 17th, 2010


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I’ve never needed to take time out to go to a quiet place to think about anything.

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That would be my bed.
The only place (and time) for me where it is peaceful enough to do that.

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I live alone, so it’s usually not a problem, but there is also a lake in the foothills near my town that I frequent when I need some quiet time to ponder. In a pinch, I make use of the noise canceling headphones.

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If I have time and energy I go to my secluded spot on the lake. If I don’t have the juice to move, I head to the shower, where I often end up on the tub floor letting the water wash over me.

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@NaturallyMe Must be nice to have that life.

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There’s an outdoor room in the attic,we called it “garden” since it’s quite big. I usually go there to do my yoga,gardening,relaxing,etc since not many people go in there.

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I go to bed and think with my eyes closed.

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The deck off the back of the house. I take a book so I look busy, but sometimes just stare and ponder. Unfortunately, it’s too hot to do that now.

@liminal – I’ve done the shower thing, too.

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@jjmah – well, i’m beginning to wonder if i’m weird – everybody else seems to need time out to think of…i don’t know what!

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@NaturallyMe Life issues (family crisis and whatnot).

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I am fortunete to live in a retreat like setting in the foothills.

So my living circumstances lend themselves to lots of tranquility and meditative time.

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I sit in regal splendor upon the throne of porcelain.

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I get some of my best ideas while driving.

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I lie down on my made up bed, head where a footboard would be and I try to make my body relax. I’ll spread my arms and legs out, lying face up in order to let myself be vulnerable, open and then tell myself I’m safe and in control. Sometimes I do this and tell myself I’m not in control and to just feel it out and move forward.

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Bath or bed. I like being at home.

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I like to sit outside on the porch to think.

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Usually take a fast walk down to the ocean.

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I take my starship and fly out to the outer planets and back over the course of a few days.

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Maybe @NaturallyMe doesn’t pay close enough attention to life. I hole up in my bedroom, or I take the dog and walk, and walk.

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I go on my balcony.

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I hope no one is watching! lol ;-)

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@Coloma I go naked sometimes too, you’re right and there is an elderly asian man watching sometimes…over the years, I stopped caring…for some reason, I don’t think he’s ogling me…he’s just out there a lot as well, across the street.

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I was teasing you….about ‘going’ on your balcony..get it? Uh…oh never mind…hahaha

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@Coloma Ooh, yeah I did not get that. Sorry, I’m on a lot of pain meds post LEEP procedure

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Hope you feel better soon.

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@Coloma Yeah, me too, me too.

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I don’t necessarily go to a specific place so much as slap some headphones on my head and let my mind wander.

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The deck in back of my house is amazing. It faces west, and it’s all overgrown with climbing vines and potted plants, and the backyard is full of trees. Past the backyard, there’s an open field with a gently sloping hill. At the top of the hill, there’s a line of cherry trees, a jogging path, and then a line of tall fir trees. The other side is wide open and gradually gives way to woods. So you get both expansiveness and privacy. I love going out there in the late afternoon or the early evening with a glass of wine, because the sunlight goes through all the leaves out there. I feel really lucky to have all this in my backyard. Lately there are some hornets building a nest out there, though, and that kind of puts a damper on my nature time.

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Sounds very picturesque, I love my deck too! :-)

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I just walk. I walk as far as I need until my mind is quite and in order.

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Usually in my bed, or else go for a walk near the outskirts of town. It’s a pretty small place, so plenty of abandoned factories, forgotten river trails (Aside from peeps wanting to get drunk.) and things like that. Not especially scenic, but nice and silent.

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Sorry, I meant quiet.

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i go and sit where I’ve buried my late animal friends. snif

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And you have a slurpee. ( I’m always going to remember that! ) lol

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@Coloma NOOO STOP IT lol XD

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