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My lawnmower is turning the oil into almost water, whats wrong?

Asked by UnderRider (1points) July 17th, 2010

I have a toro mower i bought in summer 07, when it gets hot it starts knocking, if i shut it off and try and restart it wont start. I will change the oil, by the time i am done mowing the oil is black and almost a water consistincy. I will tip it on it’s side to change the oil and it will gush out like water, whats going on??

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1) Bad piston rings. Gasoiline is blowing by the rings and soaking into the oil.
2) The float on your carb is stuck in the low fuel position and gas is overflowing in to the engine. Does the mower make a lot of smoke when running? . Is it difficult to start when it is hot? Do you smell gas?

Try taking the bowl off the carb first and hope the float is stuck.. If that is the problem it is an easy fix.

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It doesn’t make smoke, but it gives of this funny smell, like hot metal or maybe its burhnig oil, but it smokes very little. Thanks for the answers, ill try checking the float!!

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Oil burns with blue smoke, gas, black. What you say does seem to indicate a rich mixture, like a stuck float, but that should produce lots of black smoke. What viscosity of oil do you use? It should be a straight 30w., not a 10–30w. or 10–40w. As the oil gets hot, it will run like water. Does it smell like gas? Does the oil level rise during operation? (Higher on stick after running than before you started.) Clean or replace the air filter, if needed. Remove the fan shroud (pull rope cover) and clean out engine cooling fins.

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